Sonic Network No. 9, White Box, New York, NY

john aslanidis_white box

White Box is pleased to present the collaborative project between John Aslanidis and Berlin-based sound artist, Brian May: Sonic Network no.9. Akin to their first collaboration in 2006, May has composed a generative sound piece to be played for the duration of the exhibition in conjunction with Aslanidis’ painting, Sonic Network no.9.

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Pieter Vermeersch: In Situ, White Box, New York, NY


  Installation view Photo: Pieter Huybrechts  February 25 – March 29, 2009 “Ce quelque chose qui est à mi-chemin entre la couleur de mon atmosphère typique et la pointe de ma réalité.” — Antonin Artaud Over the last few years, Pieter Vermeersch has been building a critical reputation in Europe for his artwork that embeds a deep interest in modernist monochromatic painting inside a repres-entational project, concerned with the organization and depiction of the effects […]

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