Re-Generation, The Painting Center, New York, NY

carrie patterson_re-generation

The Painting Center is pleased to present Re-Generation, a traveling exhibition featuring the work of three generations of painter-teachers. This exhibition traces the regeneration of thought in painting and art education by linking the translation of visual ideas between students and teachers to the teaching of Josef Albers.

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Wall Works, The Painting Center, New York, NY


Installation view April 28 – May 21, 2011 The Painting Center is pleased to present “Wall Works,” an exhibition of painting, drawing and installation engaging the gallery’s walls as the primary support and framing device. The participating artists are Rob Nadeau, Morgan O’Hara, Nancy Olivier, Jim Osman, Gary Petersen, Steel Stillman and Dannielle Tegeder. Opening the evening of Thursday, April 28, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, and continuing through May 21, “Wall Works” is curated […]

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Julie Shapiro & Rachael Wren: Thought Patterns, The Painting Center, New York, NY


Rachael Wren, Element Oil on linen 48 x 48 inches January 4 – 29, 2011 Visually and conceptually distinct but with a range of common concerns, the work of Rachael Wren and Julie Shapiro sets up an exciting dialog in this two-person exhibition. Both painters explore qualities of the natural world through the language of geometric abstraction. Though neither Wren nor Shapiro works from the landscape in a mimetic sense, the phenomena and experiences they […]

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Daniel G. Hill: From Paint to Print, The Painting Center, New York, NY

Red/Gray Grid 1

Work by Daniel G. Hill November 2 – 27, 2010 The Painting Center is pleased to present From Paint to Print, a concise survey of work from the past fifteen years by Daniel G. Hill, a painter currently working in the realm of photography and digital media. Hill’s digital prints use photography, painting and printmaking to investigate surface and light and their role in the formation of images. The work is a meditation on the […]

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Continuing Color Abstraction, The Painting Center, New York, NY


Gabriele Evertz, Contrast and Assimilation April 13 – May 8, 2010 The Painting Center presents Continuing Color Abstraction curated by Rella Stuart-Hunt. This invitational exhibition includes Lisa Abbott-Canfield, Carla Aurich, Ellen Banks, Siri Berg, Audrey Bergensten, Doug Canfield, Beth Caspar, Sherri Cobb, Dan Crews, Gabriele Evertz, Halsey Hathaway, Changa Hwang, Joanne Klein, Charles Koegel, Charlotte Nicholson, Pierre Obando, Susan Post, Shawn Powell, Russell Roberts, James Vanderberg, Ken Weathersby and Jean Wolff. Color abstraction has been […]

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Douglas Witmer: Ring the Bells Anew, Recent Paintings, Blank Space, New York, NY


Douglas Witmer, Things Mean a Lot at the Time, 2010 Acrylic on unprimed canvas, 20 x 24 inches March 4-27, 2010 Blank Space Gallery presents Ring The Bells Anew, an exhibition of recent paintings by Douglas Witmer. This is the artist’s third solo show in New York, and his first with the gallery. Over the past decade, Witmer has gained increasing attention for his uniquely distilled sensibility related to his paintings’ surface and color. His […]

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David Mackenzie: Isn’t It, The Painting Center, New York, NY


David Mackenzie, #6-2009-9, 2009 Acrylic on engineered jute, 18 x 18 inches October 27 – November 21, 2009 This is Mackenzie’s first solo exhibition in New York City. He has exhibited in numerous group shows including the Whitney Biennial, the American Academy of Arts & Letters invitational and is a member of American Abstract Artist. He has been painting for thirty-five years, working quietly on the problems surrounding contemporary abstraction. David Mackenzie writes: “The works […]

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Edward Shalala: Photographs of Paintings, The Painting Center, New York, NY


  May 26 – June 20, 2009 Edward Shalala will exhibit documentary photographs in The Painting Center’s Project Room. Shalala makes temporary raw canvas thread paintings in NYC parks and grasslands and photographs the results. Shalala responds to the history of modern and postmodern abstraction that deals with ‘end game’ painting. The lineage begins with: Cezanne’s use of raw canvas (“in-reserve”), Barnett Newman’s painting ‘Name II,’1950, Robert Rauschenberg’s White painting series, 1951, Piero Manzoni’s clay […]

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Placing Color, The Painting Center, New York, NY


  Carrie Patterson, 10 Steps St. Francis Xavier, 2008 Acrylic, enamel, wood, linen, 18 x 6 inches April 28 – May 23, 2009 Paintings by Kayla Mohammadi, Brett Baker, Carrie Patterson. Catalogue available with essay by Vittorio Colaizzi. Placing Color is an exhibition that explores painting as both a place of action and destination. The exhibition presents paintings by three artists: Brett Baker, Kayla Mohammadi, and Carrie Patterson. Seen together, the artists’ intensely individual approaches […]

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Field + Stream: New Paintings by Douglas Witmer, The Painting Center, Project Room, New York, NY


  April 28 – May 23, 2009 Since the late 1990s, Douglas Witmer’s paintings demonstrate an increasingly distilled sensibility related to surface and color. Intuitively combining simple geometric imagery, emphatic color, and subtle manipulation of the surface, his paintings are inquiries into the materiality of seeing, perception, feeling, and memory. In a recently published interview with the Tokyo-based artist Brent Hallard, Witmer said, “I want the present moment of seeing to be charged with the […]

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American Abstract Artists: Tribute to Esphyr Slobodkina, The Painting Center, New York, NY

    Work by Esphyr Slobodkina September 2-27, 2008 The Painting Center is pleased to present American Abstract Artists: Tribute to Esphyr Slobodkina. This exhibition of small works pays tribute to one of the founding members of the American Abstract Artists (AAA). In addition to work by Esphyr Slobodkina, the exhibition will feature 75 current members of the organization as well as ephemera representing some of the group’s past history. Works displayed will cover a […]

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Machine Learning, Curated by Matthew Deleget, The Painting Center, New York, NY

Terry Haggerty, Gilbert Hsiao & Douglas Melini (left to right)

November 27 - December 22, 2007

An exhibition examining pattern painting in the information age, featuring four NYC-based artists Henry Brown, Terry Haggerty, Gilbert Hsiao & Douglas Melini, with a special project room installation by Michael Zahn.

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