Eye to Eye: Joseph Marioni at the Phillips, The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC


Organized as part of The Phillips Collection’s 90th anniversary, Eye to Eye features a group of paintings by modern American artist Joseph Marioni in the context of the museum permanent collection.

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Seen and Not Seen, CCNOA, Brussels, Belgium

    Image: Willum Geerts thru January 27, 2008 A group exhibition curated by Martijn Lucas Smit of Nieuwe Vide (NL) featuring artists Paul Baartmans (A/V-sculpture), Sema Bekirovic (video), Marissa Evers (drawing), Willum Geerts (video), Jannie Regnerus (film), Robbert van der Horst (audio), Jochem van der Spek (video installation) as well as Ward Denys with a functional sculpture.  Also, Tayo Heuser on view in CCNOA’s Project Room.

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Tayo Heuser: Sealed Confessions, H29, Brussels, Belgium

    January 12-26, 2008 Sealed Confessions is an exhibition of Tayo Heuser’s latest works on paper. Conceived specifically for H29– an artist-run gallery space in Brussels known as an international showcase for contemporary abstract art–the exhibition marks a shift in the artist’s creative process and brings a “new life” to her current production. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a set of three large abstract drawings including words spelled out across their surfaces: Everything, […]

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