Kyle Jenkins: Sunken Treasure

Installation view of Kyle Jenkins: Sunken Treasure, MINUS SPACE, 2011

February 5 - March 12, 2011

MINUS SPACE is delighted to announce the exhibition Kyle Jenkins: Sunken Treasure. This is the Australian artist’s first solo exhibition in the United States and it will feature a new site-specific painting installation.

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Und 6: International, Schwartz Gallery, London, United Kingdom


Billy Gruner, Punk Painting – Sound Installation, 2010 October 15 – November 7, 2010 Curated by Billy Gruner of SNO in Sydney, Jan van der Ploeg of PS in Amsterdam and Tilman of CCNOA in Brussels. UND 6 – INTERCONTINENTAL is a group show of international artists exhibiting at Schwartz Gallery working within what could broadly be described as non-objective contemporary art. Organised by artists-curators Tilman, Jan Van der Ploeg and Billy Gruner, it is […]

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SNO 62 Exhibitions, Sydney Non Objective, Sydney, Australia


Works from the 25 – 25 IS (2010) on the floor at SNO (l to r, t to b) Tilman, Tallman, Heerkens, Hallard, Hsiao, Arts, Voskuil, Winkler, Andrews, Roux, Dahlhausen, Van Der Graaf, Deleget, Van Der Aa August 7-29, 2010 Solo Installations Guido Winkler & Iemke van Dijk 25 -25 IS Box The 25 – 25 IS box contains work of 25 artists at 25 x25 cm. The edition consists of 75 boxes. Available at […]

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Douglas Witmer: Ring the Bells Anew, Recent Paintings, Blank Space, New York, NY


Douglas Witmer, Things Mean a Lot at the Time, 2010 Acrylic on unprimed canvas, 20 x 24 inches March 4-27, 2010 Blank Space Gallery presents Ring The Bells Anew, an exhibition of recent paintings by Douglas Witmer. This is the artist’s third solo show in New York, and his first with the gallery. Over the past decade, Witmer has gained increasing attention for his uniquely distilled sensibility related to his paintings’ surface and color. His […]

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Francesca Mataraga, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia


Francesca Mataraga, Abstrakt Painting, 2009 November 18-28, 2009 Francesca Mataraga presents her new work Abstrakt Painting at Factory 49. Abstrakt Painting consumes the gallery space with colour, combining canvases with objects, fluorescent lights, painted walls and mirror, unifying the space through the use of objects as abstract forms. In this expansive new work Mataraga explores the possibilities of three-dimensional painting in contemporary practice. A Sydney based artist, Mataraga has exhibited work in the Tim Olsen […]

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Andrew Gutteridge: A Linear Construction, Conical Gallery, Melbourne, Australia


Installation view September 5-26, 2009 A Linear Construction is Andrew Gutteridge’s new optical intervention. The installation expands the field of abstraction through a numerical and linear response to the interior architecture of Conical. The gallery space is divided and mapped out through a series of lines constructed from black elastic cord. These lines dissect the space and create a physical disruption to the Gallery. As the viewer moves through the space they will have to […]

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Trevor Richards: New Works, Turner Galleries, Perth, Australia


This is the first time that Turner Galleries has shown the work of well-known local artist Trevor Richards. Trevor’s practice comprises painting, sculpture, installation, architectural interventions and video. This exhibition presents a new series of paintings and three dimensional works which allude to architecturally modelled space. Trevor is widely recognised for his formally structured, minimalist approach to painting that is informed by his sustained engagement with a limited range of colours and an admiration for the […]

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Sydney Non Objective Fundraiser & Silent Auction


Jurek Wybraniec, Surrogate (Pillow-like template for despair, Blue + Pink combo 1), 2009 Enamel on vinyl, 40 x 40 x 9 cm SNO 50 Fundraiser – Silent Auction Over 50 Australian & Internationals All bids finalized at 5pm, Sunday, July 26, 2009. All bids enter at $100, with no reserve. Viewing throughout July. Opening reception: Saturday, July 4, 3-6pm Bids can also be placed via an online form at or in person at SNO centre at: […]

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Linda Francis: Interference

Installation view of Linda Francis: Interference, MINUS SPACE project space, Brooklyn, NY, 2009

February 2009

MINUS SPACE is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by New York artist Linda Francis. Francis will show a single painting conceived in three parts for the project space.

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Upside Down: Sydney Non Objective Artists

Installation view

March 2008

Upside Down features eleven artists affiliated with Sydney Non Objective (SNO), Australia. The exhibition includes work in a variety of media exploring a broad range of conceptual and formal concerns. Many of the artists are exhibiting in the United States for the first time.

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SNO 33, Sydney Non Objective, Sydney, Australia

  Daniel Göttin, Shift, 2007 Site specific installation, wallpainting,  adhesive textile tape, aluminium panel different sizes  November 2 — December 2, 2007  SNO 33 features installations by Daniel Göttin (Switzerland), Matt Shoemaker (USA), and a collaborative project by Salvatore Panatteri (Australia) and Kjell Bjørgeengen (Norway).

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SNO32, Sydney Non Objective, Sydney, Australia

  Kyle Jenkins, Urban Geometry #187, 2007 Acrylic on canvas, C-Type and wooden frame,  collage and wooden frame, dimensions variable   Vicente Butron, No. 220, 2007  Oil on canvas, 157.5 x 122 cm each    Vicente Butron, No. 220B, 2007 Serigraph, 72.0 x 50.0 cm (available for the audience to take) October 5 — November 4, 2007  SNO’s 32nd installment includes the following exhibitions:  * Vicente Butron (Sydney)  * Kyle Jenkins (Toowoomba)  * Shifting Trends: […]

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Profile: Sydney Non Objective Group, Austral Avenue, Brunswick, Australia

  September 15-29, 2007 Curated by Daniel Argyle, the exhibition features artists Vicente Butron, Lynne Eastaway, Billy Gruner, Kyle Jenkins, Sarah Keighery, Melanie Khava, Andrew Leslie, John Nixon, Salvatore Panatteri, & Tony Triff.

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Escape from New York, Curated by Matthew Deleget, Sydney Non Objective, Sydney, Australia

Don Voisine, Hamlin R-10, 2006, mixed media on foam, 8 x 8 inches

August 3 - September 2, 2007

A group exhibition surveying reductive strategies by artists living in and around New York City. Each artist will present a single work, as well as an open letter to the artist community affiliated with Sydney Non Objective.

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Interview with Tilman, by Chris Ashley

introduction Tilman has stated that his art has completely moved into the three-dimensional realm, and that his use of and response to architecture requires finding a balance between various environments and the objects that he makes and situates in these environments.  Inspired by everyday objects and structures, his goal is to present and represent light using color and form, which is mediated through the objects he makes, the structures in which the objects are located, […]

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