Material Occupation, University Art Museum, Albany, NY

material occupation_univ art museum

The artists represented in Material Occupation challenge the idea that abstraction is a rarified concept that bears little relation to everyday experience. Using familiar patterns, structures, designs, and systems, these artists explore the cultural associations inherent in prosaic materials.

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Textility, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit, NJ

deb ramsey - textility

Textility is an exhibition that explores the inventive ways contemporary artists employ materials, concepts, and processes associated with textiles to convey their ideas.

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Painting Expanded, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, NY

a ross-ho

Amanda Ross-Ho, Negative Carrier #3 (Pirate), 2009 Canvas drop cloth, aluminum thumbtacks, acrylic paint, graphite, sunglasses, clear gesso, gold plated chains, single earring 108 x 72 inches June 30 – July 29, 2011 Painting Expanded is a dynamic group exhibition featuring artwork from a new generation of artists whose works share a formal nature that is primarily material-based abstraction. Each piece is rooted in the conceits of painting, but features a composition achieved through a […]

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