Continuing Color Abstraction, The Painting Center, New York, NY


Gabriele Evertz, Contrast and Assimilation April 13 – May 8, 2010 The Painting Center presents Continuing Color Abstraction curated by Rella Stuart-Hunt. This invitational exhibition includes Lisa Abbott-Canfield, Carla Aurich, Ellen Banks, Siri Berg, Audrey Bergensten, Doug Canfield, Beth Caspar, Sherri Cobb, Dan Crews, Gabriele Evertz, Halsey Hathaway, Changa Hwang, Joanne Klein, Charles Koegel, Charlotte Nicholson, Pierre Obando, Susan Post, Shawn Powell, Russell Roberts, James Vanderberg, Ken Weathersby and Jean Wolff. Color abstraction has been […]

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Pierre Obando: Noise, Heskin Contemporary, New York, NY

  September 12 — October 18, 2008 Noise, is a series of paintings and works on paper by Pierre Obando that exploits the idea of unwanted aural/visual information, like “snow” at the end of a pre-cable television transmission. This exhibition presents examples of visual noise, information too excessive to be sifted through or too separate to carry meaning. Obando embraces and reverses this idea to explore visual noise; what “we look past,” what we might […]

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Stealing Time, Bertha & Karl Leubsdorf Art Gallery, Hunter College, New York, NY

  Installation view of Nick Stillman, Cool White, 2007 September 6 — October 20, 2007  Curated by Christa Blatchford, Chad Nelson, and Pierre Obando, the exhibition features Harrell Fletcher, Josh Greene, Fritzia Irizar Rojo, Clifford Owens, John Pilson, Nick Stillman, and MS artist Michael Zahn.

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