Robert Swain in LA Weekly, July, 2014

Robert Swain in LA Weekly, July, 2014 - 1

The abundance of colors surrounding the gallery in Robert Swain’s latest exhibit, “The Form of Color,” is a little overwhelming. Only after walking around the gallery for a few minutes – with eyes searching the walls of mingling colors – will viewers find color collisions that appeal to them. And then it all makes sense. Lines begin to fade away until only meshing shades of color dance across the gallery. Individual squares of one solid color even appear to have their own changing color gradient within them. There are no objects or subject to focus on like in an average painting, just color.

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Eye to Eye: Joseph Marioni at the Phillips, The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC


Organized as part of The Phillips Collection’s 90th anniversary, Eye to Eye features a group of paintings by modern American artist Joseph Marioni in the context of the museum permanent collection.

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