William Lamson: A Line Describing the Sun, Pierogi Boiler, Brooklyn, NY


Will Lamson, A Line Describing the Sun (video still), 2010 September 10 – October 10, 2010 A Line Describing the Sun features a new two-channel video and sculpture created in the Mojave Desert earlier this year. Begun at the Center for Land Use Interpretation’s artist-in-residence program in Wendover, Utah, Lamson finished the project in a dry lakebed west of Barstow, California. The video and sculpture are both a record of two day-long performances in which […]

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James Hyde: Stuart Davis Group, Pierogi (The Boiler), Brooklyn, NY


James Hyde, Roll (Davis), 2008 Acrylic on digital print on vinyl, 114 x 152 inches May 28 – June 27, 2010 Four Compositions from the Stuart Davis Group consists of billboard size prints of photographic details of Stuart Davis’ “Report from Rockport” 1940, and “Mural for Studio B, WNYC, Municipal Broadcasting Company, 1939” on which Hyde has painted, working the Davis fragments into new compositions. The thick acrylic sign-painter’s enamel was applied primarily with a […]

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Ken Weathersby: Perfect Mismatch, Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY


Ken Weathersby, 169 (k & w), 2009 Acrylic & graphite on canvas, two panels, with removed and replaced areas 24 x 32 inches May 28 – June 27, 2010 Pierogi is pleased to present the first New York exhibition of Ken Weathersby’s paintings. These are paintings of intense, elegant grids of primary color that subtly invert expectations in a number of ways. While some of the carefully penciled and painted canvases simply display their colorful […]

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William Lamson: Work and Trade, Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY


  Molino Drawings Still May 22 – June 21, 2009 Work and Trade, William Lamson’s new solo exhibition at Pierogi, features three projects in which the artist creates a mark-making system through collaboration with forces outside of his control. In “Hunt and Gather,” the artist shoots down shoes from power lines around Brooklyn with a bow and arrow and trades them for the ones he is wearing. Since each pair of shoes that he cuts […]

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