Peter Soriano: Dimensions Variable, Federico Seve Gallery, New York, NY


Peter Soriano, Other Side #81 (AMDI), 2010 Steel Cable, aluminum pipe, and spray paint Dimensions variable September 24 – Saturday, November 6, 2010 I am drawn to that polarity between movement and stasis. I think I needed to rid myself of making forms to get closer to this situation between the spatial and the planar, the sculptural and the drawn, between the decision and the doubt. I am looking for a transparency between thought and […]

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Vicente Butron, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia


Works by Vicente Butron September 23 – October 2, 2010 Vicente Butron artist born in Manila, the Philippines in 1959 migrated to Australia during political upheavals in 1973 attended Sydney College of the Arts from 1981 to 1984 exhibited locally and internationally since the mid-1980s not too many solo exhibitions not too many collections lives in Sydney works whenever he can exhibits when he wants His interest in conceptual art and exhibition practice is evident […]

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Craig Kauffman: Late Work, Danese Gallery, New York, NY


Craig Kauffman, Untitled, 2009 Acrylic lacquer and glitter on drape-formed acrylic plastic 36 x 40 x 8 inches September 10 – October 9, 2010 Craig Kauffman rose to prominence in the 1960’s through his association with the legendary Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles and later in New York at The Pace Gallery. He was an early innovator and pioneer in the use of plastics and the first to employ vacuum form technology to create sculpture. […]

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