Jerry’s Kid’s, by Mark Dagley, NYFA Current, May 27, 2009


  Mark Dagley’s 222 Bowery studio (1987) Photo by Ivan dalla Tanna “A good artist does not need anything.” — Ad Reinhardt “When NYFA Current asked me to write a first-person account of the circumstances surrounding a not-so-recent exhibition of my paintings, a show that took place at Tony Shafrazi Gallery nearly a quarter of a century ago, I was surprised by their interest, but gladly jumped at the chance. I never hesitate to admit […]

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What’s This Shit Called Love?, by Michael Zahn, NYFA Current, August 1, 2007

  The summer of 1967 made for perhaps the most mythical American season of the 20th century’s latter half. It was the Summer of Love, the summer of “Light My Fire” and “Incense and Peppermints.” The summer of San Francisco. An era of idealization that is often still idealized by the generation that experienced it, a sentiment fueling the Whitney Museum’s current Summer of Love exhibition. This project by artist Michael Zahn is the first […]

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Jaq Chartier: Sun Tests at Schroeder Romero, by Nick Stillman

From Jan van Eyck’s innovations with linseed oil to Robert Smithson’s landscape interventions to Matthew Barney’s fictional universe of mythical, genetically mutated weirdos, the concept of the artist/scientist is one with art-historical legs. That said, all art making could be considered a type of experimental science—a process of trial and error usually resulting in an end product with kinks effectively massaged. Not so with Jaq Chartier’s Sun Tests. Chartier works for Golden Artist Colors testing […]

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