I AM NOT MONOGAMOUS, I HEART POETRY, a group exhibition, Feature, New York, NY


Douglas Melini, Fusi-Form, 2010 June 23 – August 6, 2011 from fall 05 to fall 06 i went to a shrink to help figure my way thru some anxiety i was experiencing. the two things from that shrinking that i continue to reflect upon are process resistant / outcome resistant and from a long winded rambling about my range of sexual interests, the amusing awareness of a parallel between that and my gallery’s exhibition program. […]

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Geometric Themes & Variations, Gallery 128, New York, NY


Work by Lawrence Keny March 17 – April 10, 2010 Gallery 128 is presents the exhibition, “Geometric Themes & Variations”, curated by the painter Gloria Klein. Klein’s idea and intention was to invite artists who work within a geometric format using different materials. Geometric Abstraction remains fresh, visually pleasing and conceptually challenging. The artists were invited from Ms Klein’s past and present contacts and longtime friendships, so the exhibition is as much personal as it […]

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