M5, Curated by Jeff Jahn, Philip Feldman Gallery + Project Space, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR

Installation view of M5, Philip Feldman Gallery + Project Space, Pacific Northwest College of Art, 2010 (wall: Francis Celentano, floor: Mel Katz)

August 1-22, 2010

M5 explores the intersections and mutual interests of five artists who have exhibited at Brooklyn’s MINUS SPACE: Don Voisine, Patricia Zarate, Steve Karlik, Nancy White and Rossana Martinez, combined with two of the Northwest’s most historically relevant abstract practitioners Francis Celentano and Mel Katz.

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When Donald Judd Came to Portland, PORT — Portland Art + News + Reviews

  “The Portland Center for Visual Arts (PCVA) was based on a very simple premise: artists talking to artists. The PCVA was founded in 1971 by three artists Jay Backstrand, Mel Katz, and Michele Russo. The exhibition space was located on the third floor of 117 NW Fifth Ave. Katz wanted to give something to the community as well as bring to Portland some of the things that he missed from New York. Usually, the […]

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Interview with Steve Karlik, by Chris Ashley

introduction Steve Karlik’s paintings are formally refined yet generous in spirit, grounded in materials yet spatial and open. His work is that of a serious painter, at first seeming almost severe, yet with time revealing itself as sensual, emotional, and beautiful. A thoughtful viewer will find that his reductive forms can resonate with one’s memory, references, and experiences; the associations one makes with his work are varied and surprising. The paintings involve our eyes, minds, […]

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