Other Voices, Other Rooms, Dorsky Gallery, Long Island City, NY


David Simpson, True Blue, 2000 (wall) Acrylic on canvas, 108 x 75 inches Light Well #5, 2007 (floor) Acrylic on canvas, 71.5 inches diameter  April 19 – June 28, 2009 Works by Max Cole, Marcia Hafif, Winston Roeth, David Simpson, and Fred Sandback Curated by Steven Evans, this exhibition examines the work of a small group of American artists that have been developing their bodies of work since the late 1960s; they offer an alternative […]

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Upcoming Exhibitions, Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Hungary


  Vasarely Museum (no web site) February 11 – April 26, 2008 Atelier OSAS Participating Artists: Tibor Gayor, Istvan Haasz, Istvan Haraszty, Katalin Hetey, Tamas Konok, Dora Maurer, Vera Molnar, Istvan Nadler & Judith Nemes. For more information about OSAS / Open Structures Art Society. A Bit of America Participating Artists: Robert Barry, Max Cole, Sol Lewitt, Robert Mangold, David Rabinowitch, James Reineking, Ed Ruscha, Richard Serra, Phil Sims, Roy Thurston, Shawn Wallis & Jerry Zeniuk.

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