Maureen McQuillan: Necessary Detours, McKenzie Fine Art, New York, NY


Maureen McQuillan, Lightbox Drawing (Double Spiral/CC), 2009-10 Marker on acetate sheets on light panel in Plexiglas box 11 x 16 x 1 1/2 inches March 25 – May 1, 2010 For well over a decade, Maureen McQuillan has been investigating the infinite possibilities of line by exploiting the inherent nature of simple materials. The centerpiece of this exhibition is a series of photograms created by making marker drawings on multiple layers of transparent material, then […]

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Mark Dagley in Linear Abstraction, McKenzie Fine Art, New York, NY


  Gary Petersen, Smashed, 2008 Oil on canvas, 56 x 40 inches January 8 – February 7, 2009 This exhibition examines many of the ways in which artists use line as the dominant element in creating abstract imagery. Mark Dagley’s paintings of spherical webs of interlaced lines reference information technologies, the development of social networking sites and the global environment of interdependence while reflecting systems of interconnectedness, both spiritual and mechanistic. Gilbert Hsiao’s optically-charged, shaped canvases are […]

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