Terry Winters: Cricket Music Tessellation Figures and Notebook, Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, NY

terry winters_matthew marks

Terry Winters, Notebook 29, 2003-2011 Collage 11 x 8 1/2 inches February 4 – April 14, 2012 Matthew Marks is pleased to announce, Terry Winters: Cricket Music, Tessellation Figures, & Notebook, the next exhibition in his gallery at 522 West 22nd Street. The exhibition consists of 11 large-scale vibrantly colored recent paintings. Winters depicts forms inspired by mathematical concepts like tessellations and knot theory, as well as shapes from the natural and scientific worlds in […]

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Anne Truitt: Works from the Estate, Stephen Friedman Gallery, London, England

anne truitt - stephen friedman

Stephen Friedman Gallery is delighted to present Anne Truitt: Works from the Estate, an exhibition conceived in collaboration with The Estate of Anne Truitt and Matthew Marks Gallery, New York. This is the first solo presentation of Anne Truitt's work to be held in Europe and brings together a rare selection of sculptures and paintings by this important, mid-twentieth century, American artist.

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Tony Smith: Bronze, Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, NY


Tony Smith, Trap, 1968 Cast bronze, black patina 10 x 55 x 55 inches November 6 – December 23, 2010 Matthew Marks is pleased to announce Tony Smith: Bronze, the next exhibition in his gallery at 523 West 24th Street. Smith executed the nine sculptures included in this exhibition between 1960 and 1970. This selection of his works in bronze, all of them finished in his signature black patina, provides a comprehensive view of his […]

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Brice Marden: Letters, Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, NY


Brice Marden, Letters October 29 – December 23, 2010 Matthew Marks is pleased to announce Brice Marden: Letters, the next exhibition in his gallery at 522 West 22nd Street. This will be the artist’s first one-person exhibition in New York since his 2006 Museum of Modern Art retrospective. While his MoMA retrospective was still on view, Marden embarked on a round-the-world trip. His first stop was Taipei, where he saw a Sung dynasty poem by […]

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Anne Truitt: Sculpture 1962-2004, Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, NY


Anne Truitt, Gloucester, 1963 Acrylic on wood 73 1/2 x 72 x 13 inches May 8 – June 26, 2010 Matthew Marks is pleased to announce an exhibition of sculpture by Anne Truitt at his gallery at 522 West 22nd Street. Thirteen of Truitt’s sculptures, made between 1962 and 2004, will be on view, making this the most comprehensive exhibition of Truitt’s work in New York in almost 20 years. A number of works in […]

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Roni Horn aka Roni Horn, Tate Modern, London, United Kingdom


  Roni Horn, You are the Weather, 1994—1995 64 C-printed photographs and 36 gelantine-silver prints 26.5 x 21.4 cm / 10 7/16 x 8 7/16 in ea Installation view, Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, 1996 February 25 – May 25, 2009 Roni Horn is an American artist who has been making work since the 1970s. Horn worked through the legacy of minimalism yet developed her own concerns with memory and identity, and this is her […]

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Ellsworth Kelly exhibitions, Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, NY


  Ellsworth Kelly, Dark Blue Relief, 2008 Oil on canvas, two joined panels, 80 x 80 inches    Ellsworth Kelly, Untitled, 1957 Ink on paper, 11 x 8.5 inches  February 5 – April 11, 2009 Matthew Marks announces two exhibitions by Ellsworth Kelly: Diagonal. Ellsworth Kelly: Diagonal The exhibition features eight two-panel paintings from 2007 and 2008, on view in the 22nd Street gallery. Each consists of a black or white rectangle with a contrasting […]

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Tony Smith: Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Matthew Marks Gallery (522 W. 22nd), New York, NY

    Installation view  September 13 — October 25, 2008 The exhibition presents two large-scale sculptures, Willy (1962) and New Piece (1966), made in Smith’s signature steel, painted black. Accompanying these works is a set of twenty charcoal drawings from 1954 and a single 14-foot long black and white painting, both of which represent the artist’s largest works in their respective mediums. Together, the works in this exhibition illustrate the diverse nature of Smith’s oeuvre. […]

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Paul Feeley: Nine Paintings, Matthew Marks Gallery (523 West 24th), New York, NY

    Paul Feeley: Corfu (February 22), 1962  Oil-based enamel on canvas, 60 x 48 inches  September 13 — October 25, 2008 The exhibition includes nine enamel on canvas paintings made between 1961 and 1964. Feeley’s abstract works with their bright colors, simple repetitive forms and symmetrical compositions occupy an important place in the history of twentieth-century American art. Feeley, alongside Morris Louis and Kenneth Noland, worked against the grain of the prevailing Abstract Expressionists […]

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Interview with Steve Karlik, by Chris Ashley

introduction Steve Karlik’s paintings are formally refined yet generous in spirit, grounded in materials yet spatial and open. His work is that of a serious painter, at first seeming almost severe, yet with time revealing itself as sensual, emotional, and beautiful. A thoughtful viewer will find that his reductive forms can resonate with one’s memory, references, and experiences; the associations one makes with his work are varied and surprising. The paintings involve our eyes, minds, […]

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Tony Smith at Matthew Marks Gallery, Anish Kapoor at Barbara Gladstone Gallery, by Michael Brennan

If only everything were so black and white. The Tony Smith show at Matthew Marks was essentially all black, while the Anish Kapoor show next door at Barbara Gladstone, which was entitled “Whiteout”, was whiter than a teenage divas’ wedding cake. Both shows included heavyweight works by two sculptors mainly preoccupied with the matrimony of the material to the immaterial. Although the artists are generations apart (Smith died in 1980 at age 68 and Kapoor […]

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Terry Winters at Matthew Marks Gallery, by Michael Brennan

Let’s begin by dropping some stock material. Abandoning, for a moment, dystopia, information theory, or recalling Piranesi’s prison etchings for the umpteenth time, along with metastasizing mutatis mutandis and all of the Popular Science pseudo-scientific (scientistic really) rhetoric that sticks so easily to the toothy surfaces of Terry Winters’ work. Winters is an important artist. His paintings have proven relevant because they reveal the often invisible operations of the wilder, real and artless avant-gardes informing […]

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