Ghost in the Machine, Lennon, Weinberg, Inc., New York, NY

lennon weinberg_christensen

Don Christensen, Tip, Top, 2009 Oil on canvas 55 x 77 inches June 23 – August 19, 2011 Curated by Stephen Westfall: Rachel Beach, Don Christensen, Harriet Korman, Nicholas Krushenick, John McLaughlin, Jackie Meier, Tom Raggio, Jennifer Riley, Don Voisine, and Stephen Westfall.

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Stephen Westfall, Lennon Weinberg, Inc., New York, NY


Stephen Westfall, Jewel Heart, 2010 Oil and alkyd on canvas 35 x 47 inches April 26 – June 11, 2011 Stephen Westfall returned from a fellowship at the American Academy in Rome last summer. During his year there, he completed a series of paintings that while predicated on structures already emerging in his recent work address the extended history of geometric imagery that he set out to explore in his Rome project, “New Paintings for […]

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Bill Jensen at Mary Boone Gallery, by Michael Brennan

I like looking at Bill Jensen’s paintings the same way I like watching little league baseball players. In both cases, all of their emotions are right on the surface. Emotional investment is an increasingly uncommon quality in the world today, but it was visibly evident in Jensen’s latest exhibition of paintings at Mary Boone’s gallery uptown. This show, which closed just recently, was the latest in a series that has defined the painter’s newfound and […]

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