Beyond Painting, Galerie Lausberg, Toronto, Canada


Installation views Participating Artists: Douglas Allsop, Dieter Balzer, Rafael Barrios, Michael Burges, Freddy Chandra, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Carlos Estrada-Vega, Brad Howe, Gilbert Hsiao, Jae Ko, Hans Kotter, Camill Leberer, Milen Miltchev, Manfred Mohr, Dany Paal, Jürgen Paas, Frank Piasta, Regine Schumann, Kane Shimoosake, Klaus Staudt, Gaby Terhuven, Wolfram Ullrich, Achim Zeman

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Hartmut Böhm in Minimalism Germany 1960s, Daimler Contemporary, Haus Huth, Berlin, Germany


Charlotte Posenenske, Vierkantrohre Serie D, 1967 (Reconstruction 2009) March 12 – May 30, 2010 The initial exhibition at Daimler Contemporary in 2010 will show major 1960s trends in German abstract art from the Daimler Art Collection: Constructivism, Zero, Minimal Art, Concept and Seriality. Starting with 1950s predecessors – such as Josef Albers, Norbert Kricke and Siegfried Cremer – the show considers abstract art developments in the cities of Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Krefeld, Stuttgart, Berlin and Munich, […]

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Hartmut Böhm, Walter Leblanc, Klaus Staudt: Works from the 1960s to 2008, Bartha Contemporary, London, United Kingdom


  Klaus Staudt Weiss-Graue Modulation 2, 1978  157 x 80 x 7cm February 5 – March 7, 2009 Bartha Contemporary is pleased to announce the forthcoming group exhibition of works by Hartmut Böhm (DE 1938 – ) Walter Leblanc (BE 1931 – 1986) and Klaus Staudt (DE 1932 – ). The exhibition will showcase selected works from the 1960s to the present day. Routed in the tradition of geometric abstraction all three artists played a […]

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