Hartmut Böhm in Construction in Process 1981 – the community that came?, Museum Stzuki, Lodz, Poland

construction in process

The project Construction in Process 1981 – the community that came? refers to the legendary international exhibition opened in Łódź almost two months before martial law was introduced. Artists from Łódź, representing various art disciplines, invited 54 leading artists from all over the world to partake in the show and create art works here, on the spot.

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Abstraction-Creation: Post-War Geometric Abstract Art from Europe and South America, Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London, United Kingdom


Geraldo de Barros, Pampulha, Sao Paulo, Brazil, [From the Series Fotoforma], 1949 Silver gelatin, 29 x 28 cm Edition 5 of 15, Print 2006 September 8 – October 6, 2010 Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London is delighted to present Abstraction-Creation, an exhibition uniting twenty-nine abstract artists from South America and Europe. The title Abstraction-Creation refers to the European abstract art movement of the same name founded by Theo van Doesburg in Paris in 1931. This somewhat loose […]

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Kenneth Martin & Mary Martin: Constructed Works, Tate St. Ives, St. Ives, UK

  Kenneth Martin, Rotary Rings (1st Version) 1967 Brass, 425 x 170 mm October 6, 2007 – January 13, 2008 Constructed Works brings together two of Britain’s key post-war abstract artists, Kenneth Martin (1905-1984) and Mary Martin (1907-1969). In the first joint public-gallery exhibition since 1971, the show presents a focused body of work by each artist, highlighting the correspondences and differences between their practice. Living and working together, they continually exchanged ideas, although rarely […]

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