Touch, ParisCONCRET, Paris, France

Installation view thru October 23, 2010 “I’ve chosen artists’ work that I feel share something of a fetish with/in the production/object, particularly based on an aesthetic predisposition that can run formally, culturally, adding the social/personal. How I personally interpret this is with a Tokyo sensibility, how Japanese respond to objects and their placement, their positioned sense of worth, a cuteness, an austere vs. touch. The exhibition consists of individual pieces, multiples, or artists books, which may sit on the […]

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Julian Dashper (1960-2009): It Is Life

Texts by various artists, Julian Dashper: It Is Life, MINUS SPACE, August-September 2010

August 7 - September 4, 2010

MINUS SPACE is honored to announce the memorial exhibition Julian Dashper (1960-2009): It Is Life. The exhibition marks the one-year anniversary of the New Zealand artist's death and it will feature a single work by Julian entitled Future Call, as well as written tributes to him by more than 70 artists internationally.

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TRANS: form | color, Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Work by Brent Hallard November 12 – December 19, 2009 An international, visual conversation between abstract painters; a traveling, transformable series of shows. Exhibiting artists – Kasarian Dane, Stephan Fritsch, Brent Hallard, Leonhard Hurzlmeier, Robin McDonnell, Mel Prest, Richard Schur, Nancy White, John Zurier Meridian Gallery is pleased to present TRANS: form | color the San Francisco manifestation of a series of international traveling shows by nine artists from Japan, Germany and the United States […]

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Kasarian Dane: Original Six, (106) South Division Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI

Installation view October 16 – November 20, 2009 The exhibition features the painting Untitled (Original Six: Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, New York), which is a tribute to the original six National Hockey League teams: The Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, and New York Rangers. The colors of the paintings are drawn from these teams’ traditional colors and the installation consists of six 48 x 72 inch panels. […]

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Bands of Color: Kasarian Dane, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, April 29, 2009

  Read the complete interview Brent Hallard: You have been working on areas of color; vertical or horizontal bands of either matte paint or gloss paint with sometimes both present in the one painting at the same time. The structure between two areas of color, you couldn’t really call it a line, though, well, in the material – a space where something stops and then something starts. You have used aluminum supports for some time […]

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TRANSformal, Pharmaka, Los Angeles, CA

  Works by Leo Hurzlmeir, Richard Schur & Brent Hallard (l to r) March 12 – May 2, 2009 Exhibiting artists: Kasarian Dane, Stephan Fritsch, Brent Hallard, Leo Hurzlmeir, Robin McDonnell, Mel Prest, Richard Schur, Nancy White, John Zurier 
 Pharmaka is pleased to present “TRANS:formal” the Los Angeles manifestation in a series of traveling shows by nine artists from Germany, Japan and the United States who are all engaged in a dialogue about Abstraction […]

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