Gabriele Evertz & Gilbert Hsiao in Doppler Shift, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit, NJ

Doppler Shift, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit, NJ

The works in Doppler Shift explore the illusion of difference between two- and three-dimensional space. Filling two galleries and connecting hallways, the exhibition features painting, sculpture, drawing, video and site-specific works by twenty-seven artists from the United States and Europe.

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A Romance of Many Dimensions, Brooklyn Artists Gym, Brooklyn, NY

linda francis - brooklyn artists gym

A Romance of Many Dimensions is comprised of nine artists/painters who share at least two things: their work expands the idea of dimensionality past the exactitude of two and three- dimensional space, and, they have had all been interviewed by Brent Hallard.

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SNO 62 Exhibitions, Sydney Non Objective, Sydney, Australia


Works from the 25 – 25 IS (2010) on the floor at SNO (l to r, t to b) Tilman, Tallman, Heerkens, Hallard, Hsiao, Arts, Voskuil, Winkler, Andrews, Roux, Dahlhausen, Van Der Graaf, Deleget, Van Der Aa August 7-29, 2010 Solo Installations Guido Winkler & Iemke van Dijk 25 -25 IS Box The 25 – 25 IS box contains work of 25 artists at 25 x25 cm. The edition consists of 75 boxes. Available at […]

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Dutch Connection, Hebel_121, Basel, Switzerland


Installation view with works by (l-r) Jan Maarten Voskuil, Evi Vingerling, Marius Lut, Geeske Bijker, Tonneke Sengers June 12 – August 7, 2010 Participating Artists: Steven Aalders, Linda Arts, Geeke Bijker, Rene van den bos, Jasper van der Graaf, Jose Heerkens, Arjan Janssen, Ditty Ketting, Klaas Kloosterboer, WJM Kok, Marius Lut, Jan van der Ploeg, Tonneke Sengers, Evi Vingerling, Jan Maarten Voskuil

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Formal 2010: Jose Heerkens & Cecilia Vissers, Waterland Museum, Purmerend, The Netherlands


(left) Cecilia Vissers, Blacksod Bay, 2010 Steel, 2 x 95 x 93 x 0.8 cm (photo Peter Cox) (right) Jose Heerkens, Written Colours II, 2010 Oil paint on linen, 150 x 200 cm (photo Willem Kuijpers) May 20 – July 25, 2010 As in previous years, the Waterland Museum is organising an exhibition on current forms of concrete art. This time we present works by two female artists, both of whom have a strong affinity […]

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Salon #12, Platform Eindhovense Kunstenaars, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Work by Jose Keerkens February 5-12, 2010 For every Salon exhibition Foundation PEK, Platform Eindhovense Kunstenaars, invites one or more artists whose work relates to the vision of PEK. The work of José Heerkens and Henriëtte van ’t Hoog is about light and space. They search and research many aspects of these themes, in the language of colour and form. In the abstract approach their paintings and objects meet each other. Henriëtte van ’t Hoog […]

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Colour Matters: Part 5, Kunstruimte09, Groningen, The Netherlands


Jose Heerkens, Passing Colours IV, 2009 Oil on linen, 35 x 35 cm January 27 – February 27, 2010 Participating Artists: Linda Arts, Marinus Augustijn, Gjalt Blaauw, Rob Bouwman II, Jose Heerkens, Lysan Linnartz, Marius Lut, Fred Pollack, Alexandra Roozen, Drewes de Wit

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Kosmos, IS Projects, Leiden, The Netherlands


  Brent Hallard, Spa-t_kiss, 2009 Japanese acrylic resin on plastic paper, mounted on layers (white-grey-white) of corrugated plastic June 6 – July 5, 2009 IS projects is pleased to announce a new project entitled Kosmos, featuring a selection of work by artists working with light and space: Brent Hallard, Jose Heerkens, Gilbert Hsiao, Caroline de Lannoy, and Giles Ryder.

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Julian Dashper in Pour faire simple, ParisCONCRET, Paris, France


  Installation view January 17 – February 7, 2009 ParisCONCRET’s inaugural exhibition “Pour faire simple”. Participating Artists: Pam Aitken, Daniel Argyle, Roger Bensasson, Joel Besse, Sanne Bruggink, Carola Bark, Christoph Dahlhausen, Julian Dashper, Rene Eicke, Billy Gruner, Brent Hallard, Hiroshi Harada, Tony Harding, Jose Heerkens, Sarah Keighery, Irene Kivinen, Vaclav Krucek, Arjan Janssen, Kate Mackay, Aldo Mengolini, Simon Morris, Antoine Nelen, Roland Orepuk, Charles Payan, Jacek Przybyszewski, Paul Raguenes, Alexandra Roozen, Marlene Sarroff, Clary Stolte, […]

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