VIEWLIST: Ted Stamm in Context, Conceived by Bryan Granger

Our fifth VIEWLIST exhibition is conceived by MINUS SPACE assistant Bryan Granger.

With his work, Ted Stamm draws as much from a Minimalist, hard-edge legacy as it does from the randomness and arbitrariness of his own life.  Seeing as Stamm sought to “eliminate any physical boundary in time or space” between his life and his work, we must look at the two as inseparable.  His sleek manipulations of baseball diamonds and high-speed trains offer a glimpse into some of his passions, and his Wooster paintings preserve specific spatial memories from his time in New York.

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Me, You, You: A Ventriloquy, Small A Projects, Portland, OR

    Michael Zahn, And Then We Came to the End, 2007  June 20 — July 28, 2007 Make some cocktails. Lets make a film. It’s time to talk about the serious stuff. I know. It’s a subject we banter about. It’s that elephant in the room. Abstraction is a bad word. What I mean is that at some point, when someone made a monochrome, it was no longer simply an abstraction. A shift occurred, […]

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