Ted Stamm: Paintings

Installation view of Ted Stamm: Paintings, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn, NY, 2011

September 24 - October 29, 2011

MINUS SPACE is delighted to present the exhibition Ted Stamm: Paintings, an overview of paintings, works on paper, street interventions, and other materials by the late NYC-based abstract painter. Prior to his unexpected death from heart failure in 1984, Stamm created a substantial, mature body of work that was at once responsive to the past, indicative of his time, and prescient of the future.

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James Lee Byars: Golddust Is My Ex-Libris, Michael Werner Gallery, New York, NY


James Lee Byars, Untitled (IS IS), no date Ink on gold paper, diameter 14 inches July 6 – September 4, 2009 For summer, Michael Werner Gallery presents GOLDDUST IS MY EX-LIBRIS. This exhibition of works by James Lee Byars includes a major gilded work, as well as works on paper, in which gold is the medium for an aesthetic experience rooted in an ideal of luminous, inaccessible perfection.

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James Lee Byars Lived Here, Presented by Milton Keynes Gallery, Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, Venice, Italy


  James Lee Byars, The Angel, 1989 June 4 – July 5, 2009 Palazzo Pesaro Papafava Calle de la Rachetta Cannaregio 3764 30121 Venice James Lee Byars Lived Here, organised by Milton Keynes Gallery, presents major works by James Lee Byars (1932-1997), and reflects his longstanding relationship with the city of Venice. Occupying the first floor of the Palazzo Pesaro Papafava in central Venice, James Lee Byars Lived Here runs during the Venice Biennale. For […]

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James Lee Byars: Five Points Make a Man, Michael Werner Gallery, New York, NY

    February 7 — March 29, 2008 Michael Werner Gallery presents Five Points Make A Man, a special two-part exhibition of American artist James Lee Byars (1932–1997). Part one of the exhibition is Five Points Make A Man, performed here for the first time and presented daily in the gallery from 7 February to 1 March. This is followed from 3 to 29 March by an installation of Byars’s sculpture The Diamond Floor, exhibited […]

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Fall Exhibition Highlights, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

    Lines, Grids, Stains, Words  thru October 22, 2007 Lines, Grids, Stains, Words presents drawings from the 1960s to the present that conflate the simple and seemingly impersonal formal and compositional vocabularies of Minimal art with references to the physical and the bodily. Concerned with issues of scale and perception rather than content, Minimal art often utilizes industrial fabrication techniques and materials, and its hallmark compositional strategies include straight lines and geometric forms organized […]

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Death Done and Undone, by Gabrielle Civil

Who knew there were so many cheapskate art lovers? On a recent Friday night, the “pay what you wish” line at the Whitney Museum of American Art was almost around the corner. No doubt this had to do with New York City returnees such as myself coming back to wander through the saffron frames of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s The Gates. Contemplating their massive Central Park project was one way to think about installation, location, and […]

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