Resource: Where Abstract Art is (From), Moderated by Rossana Martinez, PowerHouse Projects, July 2010


Click to read complete panel discussion PowerHouse Presents… Resource: Where Abstract Art is (From) -– a virtual panel moderated by Rossana Martinez, founder and curator of Minus Space, and organized by the curators of Source–Susan Ross and Melissa Staiger. Source completed its run at The Halls at Bowling Green on May 28th. The show presented a mix of seven artists: Glen Cunningham, Mark Dagley, Laura Fayer, Molly Herman, Lori Kirkbride, Ben LaRocco and Rachael Wren. […]

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The Wind Makes the Waves: Cecilia Vissers, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, May 25, 2010


Brent: While artist-in-residence in the most western point of Ireland, Achill Island, you tapped in a description of the landscape: Dramatic, With Cliffs, An Ocean, And Totally Isolated. This is your work: my first impression. There is Nature in your pieces. And it took a tough wind and a heavy sea to set this all in motion. I see firm – more than firm, hard. Hard material that has cuts, often just a few. The […]

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Douglas Melini: In Conversation, by Matthew Deleget, November 2009

MINUS SPACE - Douglas Melini 3

  Installation view at MINUS SPACE project space, 2009   Matthew Deleget: Where did the paintings in your exhibition at MINUS SPACE begin?   Douglas Melini: Well, you were actually involved in the dawn of the new work. As you know during the summer of 2007, I had just finished preparing work for your exhibition Machine Learning and as fate would have it, my studio flooded, destroying close to a year’s worth of paintings, most of […]

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One or Two Things I Know: An Interview with Linda Francis, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, September 22, 2009


Installation view at Non Objectif Sud, France, 2009 Brent: A drawing dated 1978, Untitled, chalk on paper, has a pair of identical penciled or conté grids which you use to make a series of what appear to be perfect arcs; there are finger marks or smudges; some arcs are taken out. The arcs appear to form some shape, allude to volume, but never really do. What I see is a point where you stopped. Was […]

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Incongruous Associations and Visceral Urges: An Interview With the Sculptor Fawn Krieger, by Karen Schifano


I’ve long admired the large ambition and seriousness of purpose underlying Fawn Krieger’s deceptively funky sculptural work. She is at home in a variety of scales and situations: crafting “product lines” for a “store” (COMPANY, Art in General), a room-sized installation and collaboration with musician Wynne Greenwood at The Kitchen, scale-shifting architectural sculpture shown both here and abroad, a storyboard for a film, and finally, a new “stage setting” at the Portland Institute for Contemporary […]

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Character, Letter, and the Misbehave: Interview with Mel Prest, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, August 27, 2009


Brent: You have a penchant for travel, often for the more exotic places on this globe. You return home, go to the studio, and take out your notes… what are these notes? Mel: I like to be completely immersed while I’m traveling—so this means not putting a frame/ lens/ color on paper between the experience and myself. Sometimes I take little snapshots with my phone, or quickly record video of small moments with my cheap […]

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Glow: An Interview with Henriette van ’t Hoog, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, August 22, 2009


“Brent: Pop, peek-a-boo, poking around, of color that is not of this world, though worldly set in architectural places that can eat up the logic of their interior. Indeed you have for lunch many of the preconceptions of the formal. Your sense of order of space and how you color it physical is full of humor often playing up to our own inquisitiveness, how we are likely to navigate – how we and our body […]

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A Place of Ritual: An Interview with Patricia Zarate, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies, July 6, 2009


Brent Hallard: Out of location, a thing found – wonders in ways that form a new thing, in a different location – this is generally how I sense your various projects working. Patricia Zarate: It is my experience of a location or an object in a place that is important to me. I think that I’ve been concerned with taking an experience – a place in time, perception – a feeling or idea and translating […]

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Harmonious Life: Interview with Steve Reich, by Dan Fox & Mark Godfrey, Frieze Magazine, October 2006


Just came across this interview with Steve Reich published in Frieze Magazine back in 2006: “Steve Reich is one of the most important American composers of the past 40 years. With influences including Béla Bartók, Igor Stravinsky, John Coltrane, African drumming, Balinese Gamelan and Hebrew sacred music, Reich’s music has been a major inspiration for subsequent generations of musicians such as Brian Eno, Bang On a Can and Sunn0))). Often misdescribed as ‘minimalist’, Reich’s music […]

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Measure of Light: Interview with Linda Arts, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, June 15, 2009


Brent: Color scales, gray scales, drums, unwrapped columns, the feel of folds, all different measures of light that sometimes manifest as light ‘actually’, though all together register as interest in how things unfold, expose, and fold back – that draw attention to form while somewhat masquerading with it – Linda, what is the common thread that runs through your work? Linda: Interesting that you refer to my work as folds, literal, or as a manner […]

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Don Voisine with Ben La Rocco and Craig Olson, The Brooklyn Rail, June 2009


  Don Voisine, Buzz, 2009 Oil on wood 17 × 17 inches “A week after the opening of his exhibit of a new group of paintings, which will be on view at McKenzie Fine Art Inc, located at 511 West 25th Street, till June 6, 2009, the painter Don Voisine visited the Rail’s Headquarters to talk with Assistant Art Editor Ben La Rocco, and contributing writer Craig Olson about his life and work. Ben La […]

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How Little is Enough: Interview with Lynne Harlow, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, May 25, 2009


  Lynne Harlow, Four Kicks, 2005 Pair of plexiglas boxes, 4 x 24 x 24 inches   Brent: What are you currently working on? Lynne: I’m working the way I most like to, doing several different things at once. I have just completed a site-specific piece for a group show, I’m playing around with painted balsa wood strips that I’m gluing into shapes and, most significantly, I’m preparing for a collaborative project coming up this […]

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Galaxies, Grids, Scattered and Gathered: Interview with Devin Powers, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, May 28, 2009


  Devin Powers, Untitled, 2008 Installati0n, enamel and latex on wall  Brent: The structure of space, theoretical models such as n-space and the hyper-cube usually lose most of us even in adult life. However you had an interest in this as a child. How did this fascination arrive? Devin: Well, I was no child prodigy. In fact, I was born dyslexic. I did not learn how to read until around the forth grade and it […]

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Lisa Beck: To Everything, Feature, New York, NY


  Lisa Beck: To Everything (Rays), 2008 Acrylic paint on canvas; 72 x 97.25 inches June 4-28, 2009 Interview with Lisa Beck The third of three exhibitions on the psycholoptical. For the twenty something years, I have known Lisa Beck, the migration of the circle or sphere from one realm of meaning into another has been at the heart of her investigation. Thru her use of simple formal devices including repetition, size, and spatial relationships, […]

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Bands of Color: Kasarian Dane, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, April 29, 2009


  Read the complete interview Brent Hallard: You have been working on areas of color; vertical or horizontal bands of either matte paint or gloss paint with sometimes both present in the one painting at the same time. The structure between two areas of color, you couldn’t really call it a line, though, well, in the material – a space where something stops and then something starts. You have used aluminum supports for some time […]

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Bibi Calderaro’s PRESENT, An Interview with the Artist by Karen Schifano


    For three hours, twice a week, artist Bibi Calderaro “shows up for work” at a white formica-top desk in the café at P.S.1, in an ongoing performance of her work, PRESENT, part of the Minus Space exhibit (which has been extended through May 4). On the desk are a manual typewriter, a stack of well-worn books, and an “out-box” where Bibi places typewritten thoughts that are her responses to readings. These pages of […]

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Everyday Composed: An Interview with Shinsuke Aso, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, March 18, 2009


  Brent: Of course the first impression I get with your collage work (we may as well start there) is that it rings Japanese: The color, the quirkiness, and freshness – the level and sense of reserve and adornment. Though that’s too simple. Quirkiness and perhaps freshness has been picked up, more fetishized, by western media, so we’ll leave that for a moment. And as you are not in Japan, and have settled in a […]

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The Carnival and Serene: Richard Roth, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, March 26, 2009


    Richard Roth, Full Cleveland, 2007 Flashe on Birch plywood 11 3/8 x 8 x 4 inches Brent Hallard: It seems to me that no matter where you position yourself to take these paintings in there are always two states forthcoming, though perhaps not always on view at the same time. Separately these different moods evoke, for example in ‘Full Cleveland’ or ‘Happy Hour’, the carnival and serene. When the two states mesh, it’s generally […]

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Interview with Michael Brennan, by Jacob Gossett, Kollektiv magazine, 2009


  Michael Brennan: Knife Paintings MINUS SPACE project space, Brooklyn, 2006 Skeleton Star, Knife Painting #3 (left) Bishop, Knife Painting #2 (right)   Jacob Gossett: How long have you been teaching here at Pratt and what brought you to this school?   Michael Brennan: I’ve been teaching here for 10 years—I went here for MFA from ’90 to 92. I was out of Pratt for several years, showing some and doing a lot of writing […]

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Drawing Lines: Kate Beck, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, February 4, 2009


    Brent: Kate, your pencil line drawings, either vertical lines or horizontal, always not the two together [?]: The framing device, the format and its edge seem to create the plus minus balance. How do you work on them? I noticed on your homepage that you had an image of quite a large one sitting flat on a bench top. Kate: Shape is very intriguing to me and sets the scale for each piece, […]

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Oranges and Sardines: Conversations on Abstract Painting, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA

  Walkthrough with Curator Gary Garrels   Curator Gary Garrels in conversation with artists Mark Grotjahn, Wade Guyton, Mary Heilmann, Amy Sillman, Charline von Heyl, and Christopher Wool.   Excerpts from interviews conducted by Hammer curator Gary Garrels with Oranges and Sardines artists.   November 9 – February 8, 2009 Curated by Gary Garrels Oranges and Sardines: Conversations on Abstract Painting with Mark Grotjahn, Wade Guyton, Mary Heilmann, Amy Sillman, Charline von Heyl, and Christopher […]

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Artist Series: Lawrence Weiner, by hillmancurtis

    About hillmancurtis Hillman Curtis (hillmancurtis, inc.) is a filmmaker, designer and author whose company hillmancurtis, inc. has designed sites for Yahoo, Adobe, Aquent, the American Institute of Graphic Design, Paramount and Fox Searchlight Pictures among others. His film work includes the popular documentary series “Artist Series”, as well as award winning short films. His commercial film work includes spots for Rolling Stone, Adobe, Sprint, Blackberry and BMW. His three books on design and […]

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Art and Architecture: An Interview with Brad Cloepfi (Part I), PORT, August 11, 2008


  Allied Works Architecture Maryhill Overlook, 1999 Photo by Sally Schoolmaster  “Brad Cloepfil is the principal of Allied Works Architecture in Portland, Oregon. Allied Works is a nationally recognized architecture firm that has recently completed projects like the extension to the Seattle Art Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis and is currently finishing the Museum of Art & Design at 2 Columbus Circle in New York. PORT recently sat down with him to […]

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Talking Art: Interviews with Artists Since 1976


  Purchase on Since it was founded in 1976, Art Monthly magazine has consistently published interviews with leading contemporary artists. The interviews collected in this book offer unique insights into the thought processes and working practices of artists. From Russian Constructivists of the 1920s to Turner Prize winners, this collection of interviews constitutes an entertaining and alternative history of 20th-century art written in the first person. Contributors include: Naum Gabo, Clement Greenberg, Victor Pasmore, […]

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A List of Things: Interview with Kevin Finklea, Visual Discrepancies blog, by Brent Hallard


  View of Kevin Finklea’s studio, Philadelphia, PA “Brent: Kevin, you sent a studio shot of your new pieces. I can see how they fit with the flatter paintings, and what this new wood and paint work is doing. You mentioned that these pieces come about much quicker. Have you been going through a process of redefining time in your work? Do you think that changes a lot of things? Or is it that you […]

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Thomas Kalthoff, MOT International, London, United Kingdom


  January 10 – February 15, 2009 MOT International founder Chris Hammond interviews artist Thomas Kalthoff. “One cold April afternoon in Cologne I spent a few hours at the studio of an artist I had recently been introduced to. We drank coffee and ate large slabs of gateau whilst discussing painting, Palermo and the Cologne scene in the 1980’s and 90’s. All the while I was flicking through a large pile of photographs of the […]

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Anselm Reyle? The New King of Kitsch, Interview by Christopher Mooney, ArtReview, December 2008


  Anselm Reyle Untitled, 2006 Mixed media on canvas, acrylic glass 56-3/10 x 47-3/5 X 6-1/10 inches Anselm Reyle was born in Tübingen, Germany in 1970. He currently lives and works in Berlin. “While his contemporaries in Leipzig are using paint to explore the various forms of figuration that characterise their ‘school’, over in Berlin, Anselm Reyle has been doing the opposite: revisiting the pioneering abstract work of people like Otto Freundlich, Barnett Newman, Ellsworth […]

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Reality Check Interview with Matthew Deleget, by Jackie Battenfield, The Artist’s Guide, October 2008

  The Artist’s Guide: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love is a comprehensive handbook that provides the information, tools, and techniques, for developing and sustaining a successful art career. It provides answers to the challenges artists face everyday and includes real-life examples, illustrations, step-by-step exercises, and bulleted lists that allow readers to dive in and begin working immediately. Author Jackie Battenfield maintains her own career as a visual artist and teaches professional […]

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Conversation: Sylvan Lionni and Michael Zahn

  The Great Mississippi Valley Flood, 1927   Michael Zahn: Buddy, the new work looks great.   Sylvan Lionni: Thanks, buddy.   Poly-crystalline solar panels, 2008   MZ: You’ve had reservations about paintings that would simply be seen as images of ephemera. That unease begs a question we’ve each contemplated for most of the time we’ve known one another. What motivates the work? How do you and it both remain engaged? How do these paintings […]

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MINUS SPACE: The Art of Reduction, by Phong Bui, P.S.1 Newspaper, Fall/Winter 2008

    Douglas Melini, Endlessly, 2008 Acrylic on canvas and wood, 23.5 x 19.5 inches   Reductive art is characterized by the use of plainspoken materials, monochromatic color, geometry, pattern, repetition, seriality, precise craftsmanship, and intellectual rigor.  In an interview with P.S.1 Curatorial Advisor Phong Bui, MINUS SPACE founders Matthew Deleget and Rossana Martinez talk about artists as historians and how the Internet has enabled the diffusion of Reductive art.   Phong Bui: MINUS SPACE […]

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Punk Noise & Paint, Interview with Mark Dagley, by Don Voisine

Abstract artist and musician Mark Dagley has been working in New York and Europe for over twenty-five years. Drawing from various postwar art movements and developments: Op Art, Washington Color School, Monochrome Painting, as well as European modes of art making, such as Support/Surface and Radical Painting, Mark has created a diffuse, yet particularly American body of work. Last spring Mark retrieved a group of paintings he had in storage at his parents’ home in […]

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Chris Martin, with Craig Olsen, The Brooklyn Rail, February 2008

    Portrait of the artist by Phong Bui In the midst of preparations for his current exhibition at Mitchell-Innes & Nash Gallery in Chelsea ( January 26th–March 1, 2008), Chris Martin welcomed painter and Rail contributing writer Craig Olson to his Williamsburg studio to discuss his life and work.

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