Joop Haring: Two Dimensional & Three Dimensional Work, Gallery nine (9), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

gallerynine_ Joop Haring

Joop Haring, Beijing Boogie Woogie, 2010 Synthetic material 69 x 128 inches February 19 – March 19, 2011 From February 19th until March 19th 2011 Joop Haring exhibits in Gallery nine (9) at Keizersgracht 552 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). In this exhibition Joop Haring shows two-dimensional and three-dimensional work. Looking at the work of sculptor Joop Haring, one is primarily struck by the diversity in forums and his use of many different materials. Haring produces […]

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Sydney Ball: Structures 3 & The New York Stain Paintings c. 1971, Sullivan+Strumpf Fine Art, Sydney, Australia


Sydney Ball, Zianexis, 2009 Acrylic on canvas, 152 x 168 cm March 4-21, 2010 The following extract is taken from ‘Sydney Ball: prophet of abstraction’ by Wendy Walker, Sydney Ball: The Colour Paintings 1963–2007, p21 The emergence at the end of the 1990s of an insistent form in Ball’s paintings – reminiscent of shapes in early drawings of rock formations from his landscape works – gave rise to the asymmetrical, ragged-edged motifs in the abstract […]

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Tantra: Paintings on Paper, Feature Inc., New York, NY


Anonymous, Legend: The Birth of Speech near Jodhpur, Rajasthan, 2008 March 4-27, 2010 These small paintings are made anonymously in India by practitioners of Tantra, some of whom are artists, to represent and embody principles of Tantra. Viewing or meditating on these reductive and essential images stimulates specific mental and / or spiritual experiences. While they are centuries old with highly codified forms and colors, they exude such a high level of the artists’ intentionality […]

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Nasreen Mohamedi: Notes, Reflections on Indian Modernism, Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


Nasreen Mohamedi, untitled, undated Pen, pencil and ink on paper, 49.5cm x 69 cm Courtesy Glenbarra Art Museum Collection, Japan September 5 – November 15, 2009 Nasreen Mohamedi (1937–1990) was born in Karachi, (formerly India, now Pakistan) before moving to Mumbai. She travelled abroad to study, spending time in London at Saint Martin’s School of Art (1954–57) and in Paris. After extensive travels to Iran and Turkey in the 60s, she returned to India and […]

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