Manifold, Annandale Galleries, Sydney, Australia

oscar yanez - annandale galleries

Oscar Yanez, Aoyama, 2010 Oil on canvas 60 x 60 inches June 15 – August 6, 2011 Organised by Giles Ryder, Manifold is a fascinating snapshot of significant contemporary art being done in Australia today. Featuring the work of Cathy Blanchflower, Scott Chaseling, Helga Groves, Billy Gruner, Jeremy Kibel, Andrew Leslie, Jordan Spedding, Giles Ryder, and Oscar Yanez.

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Back to Basics: Festival international d’art non-objectif, Moulins de Villancourt, Pont de Claix, France

back to basics

Installation view February 14 – April 5, 2011 Artists include: Pam Aitken (au) Christoph Dahlhausen (de) Caroline de Lannoy (be/uk) Matthew Deleget (us) Daniel Göttin (ch) Billy Gruner (au) Brent Hallard (jp/us) Clemens Hollerer (a) Andrew Huston (us) Sarah Keighery (au) Roland Orépük (fr) Charles Payan (fr) Jacek Przybyszewski (pl/fr) Paul Raguenes (fr) Giles Ryder (au) Sato Satoru (jp/fr) Karen Schifano (us) Bogumila Stroja (pl/fr) Tilman (de) Richard van der Aa (nz/fr) Jan van der […]

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The SNO Group, Gallery 9, Sydney, Australia


Installation view October 6-30, 2010 Participating Artists: Justin Andrews, Lynne Eastaway, Sophia Egarchos, Billy Gruner, Suzie Idiens, Kyle Jenkins, Andrew Leslie, Ruark Lewis, Adrian McDonald, Rachel Park, Giles Ryder, Ian Andrews, Masato Takasaka, Sydney Ball, Rolande Souliere & Mattys Gerber

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Und 6: International, Schwartz Gallery, London, United Kingdom


Billy Gruner, Punk Painting – Sound Installation, 2010 October 15 – November 7, 2010 Curated by Billy Gruner of SNO in Sydney, Jan van der Ploeg of PS in Amsterdam and Tilman of CCNOA in Brussels. UND 6 – INTERCONTINENTAL is a group show of international artists exhibiting at Schwartz Gallery working within what could broadly be described as non-objective contemporary art. Organised by artists-curators Tilman, Jan Van der Ploeg and Billy Gruner, it is […]

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RAMPE, Parkhaus Projects, Berlin, Germany


Installation view September 10, 2010 Participating Artists: Dieter Balzer, Surya Gied, Geka Heinke, Veronike Hinsberg, Gilbert Hsiao, Pierre Juillerat, Jan Klopfleisch, Dirk Rathke, David Rhodes, Nikola Richard, Giles Ryder, Andreas Schmid, Elisabeth Sonneck, Tim Stapel, Bastian Vogel

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SNO 62 Exhibitions, Sydney Non Objective, Sydney, Australia


Works from the 25 – 25 IS (2010) on the floor at SNO (l to r, t to b) Tilman, Tallman, Heerkens, Hallard, Hsiao, Arts, Voskuil, Winkler, Andrews, Roux, Dahlhausen, Van Der Graaf, Deleget, Van Der Aa August 7-29, 2010 Solo Installations Guido Winkler & Iemke van Dijk 25 -25 IS Box The 25 – 25 IS box contains work of 25 artists at 25 x25 cm. The edition consists of 75 boxes. Available at […]

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Reductive, ACGA Gallery @ Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia


Sydney Ball, Azriaxis, 2007 Acrylic on canvas, 118.5 x 137.5 cm November 3-29, 2009 Curated by David Hagger Participating Artists: Justin Andrews, Sydney Ball, Cathy Blanchflower, Louise Blyton, Col Jordan, Emma Langridge, David Milne, Giles Ryder, Alex Spremberg, Wilma Tabacco & PJ Hickman Reductive brings together a selection of prominent artists whose practices are concerned as much with the methodology of conception as they are with the production of the resulting work. falling under the […]

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Kosmos, IS Projects, Leiden, The Netherlands


  Brent Hallard, Spa-t_kiss, 2009 Japanese acrylic resin on plastic paper, mounted on layers (white-grey-white) of corrugated plastic June 6 – July 5, 2009 IS projects is pleased to announce a new project entitled Kosmos, featuring a selection of work by artists working with light and space: Brent Hallard, Jose Heerkens, Gilbert Hsiao, Caroline de Lannoy, and Giles Ryder.

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Leiden Assemblage No. 1, Gallery Le Petit Port, Leiden, The Netherlands

  August 24 —September 7, 2008 Gallery Le Petit Port in Leiden presents the international group show Leiden Assemblage No. 1. Guest curators and artists Billy Gruner (AUS) and Jan Maarten Voskuil gathered an international group of artists to integrate their work as a ‘social assemblage’ in a surround mural by Daniel Gottin (CH). This Swiss artist known for his spatial interventions, often with tape, made a design especially for the front room or window […]

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