Hartmut Böhm in Related Lines, Dr. Julius | AP, Berlin, Germany

Related Lines: Hartmut Böhm & Matthew Deleget, Dr. Julius | AP, Berlin, Germany

dr. julius | ap is pleased to announce that the two-person exhibition RELATED LINES featuring Hartmut Böhm and Matthew Deleget. The two artists create a dynamic tension by belonging to different generations, as well as to European and American traditions of minimal concrete art and related cultural references.

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Tilman: Radio Vallebona / Transmission #1, with guest artist Greet Billet

Installation view of Tilman: Radio Vallebona / Transmission #1, with guest artist Greet Billet, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn, NY, 2013

January 11 - February 9, 2013

MINUS SPACE is pleased to announce the exhibition Tilman: Radio Vallebona / Transmission #1. This is the NYC- and Vallebona, Italy-based artist’s second solo exhibition with the gallery and it will feature the first installment of his new transitory, environmental sculpture entitled Radio Vallebona.

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David Reed: Heart of Glass, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn, Germany

David Reed

David Reed, born 1946 in San Diego and a resident of New York since the 1970s, has in his good forty creative years developed an oeuvre that, with all its concentration on specific forms of painting, also maintains relationships to other, more recent image media, especially to film and video art.

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Hartmut Böhm in Minimalism in Germany, The Sixties II: Abstraction and Seriality, Zero, Concrete Tendencies and Sculpture as Action, Daimler Contemporary, Berlin, Germany

Franz Erhard Walther

The Daimler Art Collection is pleased to announce the exhibition Minimalism in Germany. The Sixties II at Daimler Contemporary, Potsdamer Platz, in Berlin. The first exhibition in the Minimalism in Germany 1960s series in 2010 comprehensively showed major trends in reduced, abstract 1960s art in Germany from the Daimler Art Collection.

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Hartmut Böhm in Raw Materials: Vom Baumarkt ins Museum, Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, Germany

Raw Materials: Vom Baumarkt ins Museum, Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, Germany

Raw Materials: Vom Baumarkt ins Museum, Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, Germany

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Gilbert Hsiao: Jump & Flow

Installation view of Gilbert Hsiao: Jump & Flow, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn, NY, 2012

April 27 - June 16, 2012

MINUS SPACE is pleased to announce the exhibition Gilbert Hsiao: Jump & Flow. This is the New York-based artist’s second solo exhibition with the gallery and his first in New York after living in Berlin, Germany for the past four years. Hsiao’s exhibition will consist of an installation of recent shaped patterned paintings.

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Robert Morris, Sprüth Magers, Berlin, Germany

robert morris_spruth magers

Monika Sprüth and Philomene Magers are pleased to present the second solo exhibition by Robert Morris in Berlin. The American artist is displaying a selection of space-related works which offer an historical overview of his involvement with sculpture.

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Carrie Pollack: Witness

Installation view of Carrie Pollack: Witness, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn, NY, 2012

January 13 - February 25, 2012

MINUS SPACE is delighted to announce the exhibition Carrie Pollack: Witness. This is the Brooklyn-based artist’s first solo exhibition in New York and it will feature a suite of new paintings consisting of digital prints on linen.

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Conceptual Tendencies 1960s to Today, Daimler Collection, Berlin, Germany

martin boyce - daimler

The exhibition showcases works representing varying conceptual trends from the 1960s up to the 1990s alongside pictorial and media statements by more recent exponents.

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Josef Albers: Biconjugates, Kinetics, and Variants, Waddington Custot Galleries, London, United Kingdom


Waddington Custot Galleries, in collaboration with The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, are pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings by Josef Albers, dating from 1931 to 1958. The exhibition includes early monochrome paintings from his Biconjugates and Kinetics series, as well as Variants , dating from the late 40s to 50s.

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Jason Hoelscher: Recent Paintings, Temporary Gallery Berlin, Germany

Hoelscher-Berlin 2011

Temporary Gallery Berlin is pleased to exhibit Jason Hoelscher: Recent Paintings, a series of works that Hoelscher calls "short attention span paintings for short attention span culture". Combining the quick-glance semiotics of corporate iconography with the gestalt read of 1960s minimalism, Hoelscher's latest series of paintings incorporate areas of raw, unprimed canvas that play off of the highly-finished painted areas, exploring the range of contrasts between constructed flatness and literal flatness.

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Ted Stamm: Paintings

Installation view of Ted Stamm: Paintings, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn, NY, 2011

September 24 - October 29, 2011

MINUS SPACE is delighted to present the exhibition Ted Stamm: Paintings, an overview of paintings, works on paper, street interventions, and other materials by the late NYC-based abstract painter. Prior to his unexpected death from heart failure in 1984, Stamm created a substantial, mature body of work that was at once responsive to the past, indicative of his time, and prescient of the future.

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Tomma Abts, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany


A slow and ri­go­rous pro­duc­tion pro­cess is a dis­tin­gu­is­hing fea­ture of Tom­ma Abts’ work. Alt­hough she fol­lows a pre­de­ter­mined me­thod in her pain­ting, ap­p­ly­ing pu­re­ly geo­me­tri­cal shapes to a clas­sic 48 x 38 cm por­trait for­mat in lay­er af­ter lay­er of oil and acryl­ic paint, her pain­ting is far re­mo­ved from se­ri­al pro­duc­tion.

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Art & Stars & Cars, Daimler Art Collection, Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart, Germany

daimler art collection - install view

Installation view. May 10 – September 25 2011 The first special exhibition of the Daimler Art Collection to be held in the Mercedes-Benz Museum (built by UN Studio), which first opened its doors in 2006, showcases key exhibits from the collection as well as new work commissioned by renowned international artists in various thematic stages – integrated into the company’s history on a floor area of 16,500 m². The exhibition will also include numerous works […]

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Martin Creed, Johnen Galerie, Berlin, Germany


Martin Creed, Work No. 1209, 2011 Emulsion on wall dimensions variable April 29 – June 25, 2011 On occasion of Gallery Weekend, Johnen Galerie proudly presents the exhibition Paintings by Martin Creed. The works on view, as all other works by the artist who is well-versed in media as diverse as photography, sculpture, film, and music, range between plain and generally understandable structures, and happenstance. The ‘genius’ creator steps back by – at least theoretically […]

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Julian Jackson: Aura Studies, Galerie Kaysser, Munich, Germany


Julian Jackson, Aura Study 2 Oil on prepared paper 26 x 22 inches May 12 – June 30, 2011 “Aura is often defined in near mystical terms as the halo or penumbra of colored light surrounding an individual in a field of radiant energy. The colors of the aura are imagined to correspond to the individuals’ personal Chi, or life force. The works in this exhibition are from an ongoing series of paintings and works […]

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Manfred Mohr: parallelResonance, Galerie [DAM], Berlin, Germany


Installation view. April 30 – June 8, 2011 ParallelResonance is the 4th cycle of artwork, which Manfred Mohr produced as a software artwork, beside a series of pictures. In the series Mohr is exploring in his characteristically straight forward forms and colours the tension fields between the shifting black and white lines and plaines. The changing colours of the background range in pastel-coloured shades. Beside the software pieces the exhibition also features large-scale and small […]

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Frank Badur: Mostly Red + Works on Paper, Margaret Thatcher Projects, New York, NY


Frank Badur, #11-10, 2011 Oil and alkyd on canvas 16 x 20 inches May 12 – June 25, 2011 Margaret Thatcher Projects is pleased to announce the opening of Mostly Red + works on paper, an exhibition of new work by Berlin-based artist Frank Badur. Badur’s gracefully intuitive minimalist compositions draw his viewers into their subtlety with a delicate interplay of surface and color. Veils of reds are laid down in bands of varying widths […]

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Donald Judd, David Zwirner Gallery, New York, NY


Installation view May 6 – June 25, 2011 David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Donald Judd drawn from the artist’s seminal 1989 exhibition held at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Germany. Brought together from international public and private collections, this will be the first time these particular works have been exhibited together in a group of this size since Judd’s 1989 installation. The exhibition, which will span both of the gallery’s […]

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Manfred Mohr: parallelResonance, DAM, Cologne, Germany


Installation view March 23 – April 21, 2011 ParallelResonance is the latest series of Manfred Mohr and the software pieces are exhibited for the first time internationally at Gallery [DAM] Cologne. parallelResonance is the 4th cycle of artwork, which Manfred Mohr produced as a software artwork, beside a series of pictures. In the series Mohr is exploring in his characteristically straight forward forms and colours the tension fields between the shifting black and white lines […]

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Frank Hülsbölmer: Photokinetics, or A Short Guide to the Construction of Meaning, WiE Kultur, Berlin, Germany


Frank Hülsbömer, constructivists vacation March 5 – April 9, 2011 Can geometrical forms be something else from what they actually are? If yes, could they serve as basis for a new vade mecum apt to instruct us on how to construct meaning? This last question is the leading theme of A short guide for the construction of meaning, the exhibition presenting the new works of Berlin based artist Frank Hülsbömer. Using photography and video as […]

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About Painting, The Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Foundation, New York, NY

rudolf eder

Rupert Eder, ANIMUS, 2008 Oil on canvas 63 x 47 inches March 1-22, 2011 Schaltwerk-Kunst, Hamburg, presents the exhibition: About Painting at the Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Art Foundation in New York.  The exhibition features work by four artists: Joe Barnes, Rupert Eder, Jon Groom, and Ivo Ringe, and it is curated by Joe Barnes.

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Treffpunkt, Hamish Morrison Gallery, Berlin, Germany


Installation view. January 28 – February 26, 2011 Hamish Morrison Galerie is delighted to start its 2011 programme with the group exhibition Treffpunkt. The show brings together several of the gallery’s artists, drawing overlooked connections between them and illustrating the ways in which different traditions and ideas collide within their practices. Judy Millar’s (NZ) paintings seem, at first glance, to have their roots in Abstract Expressionism. However, Millar’s gestural marks are in fact a means […]

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Bridget Riley: Paintings and Related Work 1983 – 2010, Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin, Germany


Bridget Riley, Arcadia 3 (wall painting), 2009 Graphite and acrylic 68 x 147 inches February 12 – April 16, 2011 Bridget Riley may be best known for her optical black and white paintings – now synonymous with the 1960s – but in the stunning colour work that followed she continued her exploration of perception through the relationship between structure and colour. Galerie Max Hetzler is proud to present a small retrospective of this major British […]

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László Ottó: Bilder des Anfangs, dr. julius, Berlin, Germany


Work by László Ottó February 18 – March 26, 2011 dr. julius | ap is pleased to present “Bilder des Anfangs” [Images of the Beginning] by Hungarian artist László Ottó, an exihibition which features recent paintings made from various shades of black pigment. The artist writes: “As a European my work is western, but at the same time I am consciously relating to East thought. Existential questions of life and death are the subject of […]

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