Peter Halley: Works from the 80’s, Galerie Andrea Caratsch, Zurich, Switzerland


Peter Halley, Yellow Cell with Triple Conduit, 1986 Acrylic, day-glo acrylic, and Roll-a-Tex on canvas 196 x 196 x 8.5 cm Galerie Andrea Caratsch will be showing an exhibition of works from the 80’s by the American artist Peter Halley. In 1981, one year after returning to New York, Peter Halley creates his first seminal works. The experience of urban alienation, isolation and psychological stress are reflected in gloomily painted rectangles and lines, depicting walls, […]

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John M. Armleder: Olivier Mosset New Paintings, Galerie Andrea Caratsch, Zurich, Switzerland


  Installation view March 7 – March 28, 2009 “I believe the work that is considered to be mine is someone else’s…anybody’s… the whole world. My work is a cultural event, an inevitable event. If all artists were to disappear, art would be produced by others with a different understanding, different means and different materials. As an individual, an artist simply fills a void. He is the means to an end, so that this arrangement, this accumulation of events […]

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