Piero Manzoni: Azimut, Gagosian Gallery, London, England

manzoni - achrom

Piero Manzoni, Achrome, 1958 Kaolin on canvas 51 x 64 inches Collection Museo Civico di Torino, Turin November 17, 2011 – January 6, 2012 Following the acclaimed exhibition “Manzoni: A Retrospective” in New York in 2009, Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present “Manzoni: Azimut” at the Davies Street gallery in London. Organized in cooperation with the Fondazione Piero Manzoni, the exhibition celebrates the work of Manzoni and friends during the brief life of the Azimut […]

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Arshile Gorky: 1947, Gagosian Gallery, New York, NY


Installation view. May 6 – July 1, 2011 Centered on the recent discovery of Untitled (Pastoral), a painting from 1947 that has never before been exhibited, “1947” includes paintings and drawings executed by the artist during the last year of his life. Untitled (Pastoral) was found in 2010 during the reframing of the painting Pastoral from the same series. The former was set behind Pastoral on the same stretcher, and remained covered for sixty-four years, […]

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Alexander Calder, Gagosian Gallery, London, United Kingdom


Alexander Calder, Blue and Yellow Sickles, 1960 Painted sheet metal and steel wire 32 x 60 inches February 8 – March 26, 2011 The underlying sense of form in my work has been the system of the Universe, or part thereof….What I mean is that the idea of detached bodies floating in space, of different sizes and densities, perhaps of different colors and temperatures, and surrounded and interlarded with wisps of gaseous condition, and some […]

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Malevich and the American Legacy, Gagosian Gallery, New York, NY


Kazimir Malevich, Painterly Realism of a Football Player—Color Masses in the Fourth Dimension, 1915 Oil on canvas 26 x 17 inches March 2 – April 30, 2011 I have transformed myself into the zero of form and dragged myself out of the rubbish-filled pool of Academic Art. I have destroyed the ring of the horizon and escaped from the circle of things, from the horizon-ring which confines the artist and the forms of nature. –Kazimir […]

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James Turrell, Gagosian Gallery, London, United Kindom


James Turrell, Sustaining Light, 2007 Wood, computerized neon setting, glass piece Aperture: 62 1/4 x 46 1/2 inches (158.1 x 118.1 cm) October 13 – December 10, 2010 Through light, space can be formed without physical material like concrete or steel. We can actually stop the penetration of vision with where light is and where it isn’t. Like the atmosphere, we can’t see through it to the stars that are there during the day. But […]

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Anselm Reyle: Monochrome Age, Gagosian Gallery, New York, NY


Installation view September 17 – October 24, 2009 Gagosian Gallery announces “Monochrome Age,” Anselm Reyle’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Reyle finds inspiration in his immediate environment, from the typical socialist architecture that dominates much of the landscape of post-war Germany to the flea-market finds that signify the march of global capitalism. Conflating all manner of extant social artifact with motifs from the annals of recent art history, he imbues them with new vigor […]

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Mark Grotjahn, Gagosian Gallery, London, United Kingdom


Mark Grotjahn, Untitled (Yellow Butterfly I Red P MARK GROTJAHN 07 781), 2007 Oil on linen, 63 x 53 inches May 30 – July 31, 2009 “I have an idea as to what sort of face is going to happen when I do a “face painting”, but I don’t exactly know what color it will take, or how many eyes it’s going to have, whereas the “butterfly paintings” are fairly planned out. They’re still intuitive, but I […]

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Recent Brooklyn Rail Posts


  Piero Manzoni, Achrome, 1961-62 Artificial fiber, 24 3/16 × 18 1/8 inches Photo Archivio Opera Piero Manzoni Courtesy Gagosian Gallery March 2009 The Last Breath of Piero Manzoni, by Robert C. Morgan Chris Martin: Works on Paper at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, by John Yau Imi Knoebel at Mary Boone Gallery, by John Yau Philip Guston: 1954-1958 at L&M Arts, by John Yau The Art World on Facebook: A Primer, by Sharon L. Butler   […]

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David Smith: Sprays, Gagosian Gallery (Madison Ave.), New York, NY

    David Smith, Untitled, 1964 Spray enamel on canvas, 19 x 16 inches January 17 — February 23, 2008 American sculptor David Smith produced a distinctive body of work using commercial aerosol paint almost immediately upon its invention in the mid-nineteen-fifties. Wielding the spray can with the assurance of a welder’s torch and the immediacy of a paintbrush, Smith combined the sensations of sculpting, painting, and drawing. In these works on paper and canvas […]

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The Wild One, by Jerry Saltz, Artnet Magazine, November 5, 2007

    Installation view of Steven Parrino at Gagosian Gallery “It took me 20 years to get Steven Parrino’s work. From the time I first saw his art, in the mid-80s, I almost always dismissed it as mannered, Romantic, formulaic, conceptualist-formalist heavy-metal boy-art abstraction. But thanks to a very large survey of his work in no fewer than seven of Gagosian’s handsome Madison Avenue galleries, I’ve come around. Yes, he is mannered and repetitive, but […]

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Steven Parrino, Gagosian Gallery (Madison Avenue), New York, NY

  Steven Parrino, Universal Mafia, 1992 Enamel on canvas, 72 x 103 inches September 25 — November 3, 2007 Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of works by Steven Parrino. The show will feature paintings, drawings and sculptures as a selective view across the career of an artist who lived and worked in New York up until his untimely death in a motorcycle accident in 2005. “When I started making paintings, the word […]

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Johanna Pousette-Dart at Charles Cowles Gallery, by Michael Brennan

How do two planes meet? Forget Henny Youngman for a second, this is the kind of question that painters often worry over. Granted it’s an issue that most people today are oblivious to, especially masons, judging from the snaggletooth brick face one sees on any new building. This subject of planes-the transition of form within painting-has been given great and careful consideration by the painter Joanna Pousette-Dart. This was Pousette-Dart’s first solo show in nearly […]

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