Gego: Prints and Drawings, 1963-1991, Frederico Sève Gallery, New York, NY


Gego, Untitled, 1966 Lithograph on paper 11 x 11 inches May 24 – August 18, 2011 Frederico Sève Galleryis pleased to present GEGO: Prints & Drawings 1963-1991, an exhibition featuring thirteen prints and drawings that were completed by the German born, Venezuelan artist, Gego (Gertrud Goldschmidt, 1912-1994), from 1963 to 1991, along with a book of lithographs dating back to 1966. The show will be celebrated with an opening reception on Tuesday, May 24, 2011, […]

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Tony Bechara: Minima Visibilia, Frederico Sève Gallery, New York, NY


Tony Bechara, April 8, 2008 Acrylic on linen 60 x 60 inches November 18, 2010 – February 5, 2011 (extended from January 13) Frederico Sève Gallery will exhibit six monochromatic grey paintings by Tony Bechara from November 18, 2010 to January 13, 2011. Working in acrylic on linen, his geometric pixelation takes its inspiration from both Georges Seurat and digital technology. Bechara’s dynamic paintings span a trajectory of more than 30 years dedicated to geometric […]

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Peter Soriano: Dimensions Variable, Federico Seve Gallery, New York, NY


Peter Soriano, Other Side #81 (AMDI), 2010 Steel Cable, aluminum pipe, and spray paint Dimensions variable September 24 – Saturday, November 6, 2010 I am drawn to that polarity between movement and stasis. I think I needed to rid myself of making forms to get closer to this situation between the spatial and the planar, the sculptural and the drawn, between the decision and the doubt. I am looking for a transparency between thought and […]

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Carmen Herrera: Recent Works, Frederico Seve Gallery/latincollector, New York, NY


Carmen Herrera, Black and Yellow, 2009 Acrylic on canvas, diptych, 72 x 72 inches April 30 – June 26, 2010 Frederico Sève Gallery/latincollector proudly announces Carmen Herrera: Recent Works. For this show, Carmen Herrera has created 7 new works that convey the expression of space like never before. Through elegance and economy Herrera once again stakes out new frontiers. In this new suite of paintings Carmen Herrera is still breaking new ground. Drawing on her recurrent themes […]

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Geometric Illusion, Frederico Seve Gallery/ Latincollector, New York, NY


Jesus Rafael Soto, Incline bleu et noir, 1966 March 25 – April 17, 2010 Featuring: Tony Bechara, Andre Cypriano, Angela Freiberger, Gego, Jorge Guinle, Manuel Hernandez, Carmen Herrera, Elizabeth Jobim, Gabriela Machado, Omar Rayo, Fanny Sanin, Peter Soriano, Soto, Jose Tannuri, Emilio Sanchez, Christine Schulz The artists in Geometric Illusion use the phenomenon of illusion in atypical ways to ask questions and expand the conversation of the aesthetic. It is a show that explores the […]

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