Douglas Melini: A Sharing of Color and Being Part of It, Feature Inc., New York, NY

Douglas Melini, Accessible Bliss

Working with the contrast between a minimal palette and intensive patterning (a dialog that allows the paintings to be simultaneously quiet yet deeply activated), Douglas Melini makes hard-edge abstract paintings that investigate color and space. “I like to think of the paintings as being built, put together part by part, creating a geometric net for the viewer, a vibratory field.”

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Cary Smith: Splat, Feature Inc., New York, NY


Cary Smith, Splat #17 (Cerulean), 2010 Oil on linen 36 x 36 inches February 16 – March 13, 2011 .splat is the most thing-like shape i’ve ever seen you use. how did it develop? The Splat paintings come directly out of my last body of work. I’m still painting the field around the shapes, using negative space to create the image. In those earlier paintings there were often biomorphic forms inside ovals or circles. There […]

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Lisa Beck: To Everything, Feature, New York, NY


  Lisa Beck: To Everything (Rays), 2008 Acrylic paint on canvas; 72 x 97.25 inches June 4-28, 2009 Interview with Lisa Beck The third of three exhibitions on the psycholoptical. For the twenty something years, I have known Lisa Beck, the migration of the circle or sphere from one realm of meaning into another has been at the heart of her investigation. Thru her use of simple formal devices including repetition, size, and spatial relationships, […]

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