Did You See Heaven: SPECTRA, Peregrine Program, Chicago, IL

Li Trincere, Peregrine Program

In a conversation with the artist Mary Heilmann at the Art Institute's Modern Wing a while back, she asked "Did you see Heaven?" in reference to her brushy green painting (titled Heaven) then on exhibit. I remember so well the way she mischievously smiled that question. With big eyes. It still makes me smile.

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Perfectly Damaged, Derek Eller Gallery, New York, NY

ethan greenbaum - derek eller

Work by Ethan Greenbaum. June 24 – August 17, 2011 Derek Eller Gallery is pleased to present Perfectly Damaged, a group exhibition organized by Isaac Lyles. Broken and damaged. Stretched, stained, torn, kicked, dragged, cut, burnt, melted, sprayed, shot, and tossed in a blender. The artworks in Perfectly Damaged are marred by design; corporeal and wounded; celebratory or muted. These works are born from the collision of creation and decreation–the quickest way to get to […]

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Ethan Greenbaum & Katrin Siguroardottir, The Suburban, Chicago, IL


January 24 – February 24, 2010 The Suburban is pleased to present The Suburban, a solo exhibition by artist Ethan Greenbaum. Greenbaum’s work is concerned with architectural and cultural blank spots. He frequently uses ubiquitous sites like sidewalks or printer paper as his subject matter. Removing these sources from a functional context, he manipulates them to open new associative possibilities. For the exhibition, Greenbaum will be installing objects and architectural modifications that engage with the […]

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