Tablet, Eleven Rivington, New York, NY


Valeska Soares, The House of Exile (from Bindings), 2011 72 x 102 inches Antique paper jackets and hardcover books on linen July 7 – August 12, 2011 Eleven Rivington is pleased to present Tablet, a three person show with new works by Michael DeLucia, Joshua Smith, and Valeska Soares. The exhibition includes work concerned with formal compositions comprised of simple planes and blocks of color.

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Caetano de Almeida, Eleven Rivington, New York, NY

caetano de almeida-eleven rivington

Caetano de Almeida, Eliseos, 2010 Acrylic on canvas 77 x 59 inches April 15 – May 15, 2011 Eleven Rivington is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Brazilian artist Caetano de Almeida, on view from April 15 – May 15, 2011. De Almeida has exhibited widely in Latin America and Europe for two decades, and this exhibition will mark his second solo exhibition in the United States. The show will feature recent […]

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Jacob Kassay, Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia, Italy


Jacob Kassay, Untitled, 2009 Acrylic and silver deposit on canvas Installation view at Eleven Rivington Photo: Ron Amstutz May 23 – October 3, 2010 The project for Collezione Maramotti comprises ten new pieces, some of which are mounted on the wall, while others are lying on the floor. The canvases have the look of reflecting panels which convey the ghost-like presence of the underlying paint while absorbing and rendering the external surrounding space of the […]

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Conversation: Sylvan Lionni and Michael Zahn

  The Great Mississippi Valley Flood, 1927   Michael Zahn: Buddy, the new work looks great.   Sylvan Lionni: Thanks, buddy.   Poly-crystalline solar panels, 2008   MZ: You’ve had reservations about paintings that would simply be seen as images of ephemera. That unease begs a question we’ve each contemplated for most of the time we’ve known one another. What motivates the work? How do you and it both remain engaged? How do these paintings […]

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Active Forms, Eleven Rivington, New York, NY

  Installation view September 5 — October 5, 2008 Eleven Rivington presents a group exhibition of Brazilian artists titled ACTIVE FORMS. Curated by Fernanda Arruda, it brings together abstract works on paper and sculpture by Edgard de Souza, Marcius Galan, Mira Schendel and Camila Sposati. The show expands on the rich and significant history of Latin American conceptual abstraction and provides a contemporary view as it is practiced by a current generation – and contextualized […]

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Michael Zahn: As Michael Zahn, Eleven Rivington, New York, NY

  May 29 — July 3, 2008 Eleven Rivington presents an exhibition of new paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Michael Zahn. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in New York and his first with the gallery. The work at Eleven Rivington, As Michael Zahn, presents a picture of an exhibition as an immersive domain, and mediates the various networks in which contemporary painting is enmeshed, including the artist’s studio, the gallery, domestic interiors, and common […]

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