Ron Agam, Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, New York, NY

ron agam-bretrand delacroix

Ron Agam, Endless Universe, 2010 Ink and resin on canvas mounted on panel 36 x 36 inches May 5 – June 6, 2011 Bertrand Delacroix Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of paintings by Ron Agam. Agam brings fresh, new elements to his work where he further examines the interaction of colors. He seeks to expose the harmony and effective balance of these varying colors with placement and scale. Agam’s personal exploration in the […]

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Dimitri Kozyrev: Last One, Benrimon Contemporary, New York, NY

dimitri kozyrev - benrimon contemporary

Dimitri Kozyrev, Last One 3, 2010 Acrylic on canvas 84 x 72 inches March 10 – April 1, 2011 “Now, however, I maintain that just as the concept of the military avant-garde has been ‘lost,’ because of changes in methods of warfare, the avant-garde in the contemporary art world, has also lost its edge.” — Dimitri Kozyrev Benrimon Contemporary is pleased to announce Last One, Dimitri Kozyrev’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition […]

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Leni Hoffmann: RGB, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany


Leni Hoffmann, Flipper, 2009 September 26, 2009 – March 28, 2010 The Düsseldorf-based artist Leni Hoffmann has created a site-specific ex-hibition that dialogues with the architecture and the collection of Cologne’s Ludwig Museum in a refreshing new manner. This radical show fundamentally challenges the collection-based institution through ephemeral on and off-site projects that evolve over time and question the autonomy of art. Few movements have influenced the course of modern and contemporary art as deeply […]

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Van Doesburg and the International Avant-Garde: Constructing a New World, Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden, The Netherlands


Theo van Doesburg Cornelis van Eesteren, Model Maison d’Artiste, 1923 Reconstruction 1982 Collection Gemeentemuseum Den Haag October 20, 2009 – January 3, 2010 In close cooperation with Tate Modern in London, Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden presents a major exhibition on Theo van Doesburg (1883-1931), and this artist’s influence on the international avant-garde. Energetically and enthusiastically, Van Doesburg broke new ground as the initiator, ambassador, promoter and organiser of the new art. The 300-plus […]

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Wendingen: A Journal for the Arts, 1918-1932, Peter Blum Gallery (Soho), New York, NY

  Cover of Volume 4, Issue 11, November 1922 Lithograph after a drawing by El Lissitzky September 18 — November 1, 2008 Peter Blum Gallery presents WENDINGEN: A Journal for the Arts, 1918-1932. On view is the complete set of 116 issues of the important art journal. Wendingen, meaning turnings or upheavals in Dutch, was a monthly publication organized by the Amsterdam art society Architectura et Amicitia. The first issue was published in January 1918, […]

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Interview with Daniel Göttin, by Chris Ashley

introduction It seems somehow appropriate to me that Daniel Göttin’s recent wall works — those in which lines of tape placed on a wall are used to make a large, dense web of intersecting lines — are called Networks.  Over a two-month period Daniel and I talked about his art via electronic messages relayed back and forth across a complex network of thousands of miles of cable between Basel, Switzerland and Northern California.  He could […]

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Open House: Working in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Museum, by Nick Stillman

Early critical returns on the Brooklyn Museum’s Open House: Working in Brooklyn have been middling to scathing, with most negative reviews questioning the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink curatorial strategy. Open House is gleefully and maybe willfully disorganized, reflecting the vast ethnic, social, economic, and artistic diversity of the borough. But (and I’m not the first to say it) by positioning the show as the ultimate exercise in inclusiveness, curators Charlotta Kotik and Tumelo Mosaka weatherproof it from critical […]

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