David Thomas: Impermanences

Installation view of David Thomas: Impermanences, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn, NY, 2016

April 16 - May 28, 2016

MINUS SPACE is proud to present the exhibition David Thomas: Impermanences. This is the Melbourne, Australia-based artist’s first solo exhibition in the United States and it will feature a site-sensitive installation of monochromatic paintings on canvas, photopaintings on paper, and wall paintings.

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John Nixon and Jan van der Ploeg in The Kaleidoscopic Turn, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

John Nixon and Jan van der Ploeg in The Kaleidoscopic Turn,  National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

The Kaleidoscopic Turn brings together works by artists working with colour, light, sound, movement and space. Drawn from the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, and featuring a number of recent acquisitions, The Kaleidoscopic Turn resonates with references to various artistic legacies of the 20th century from Op art to colourfield painting, offering a range of multi-sensory experiences including immersive installations, kinetic sculptures, video art, works on paper and painting in its diverse and expanded forms.

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Julian Dashper, John Nixon & Jan van der Ploeg in The Smoothing of Things, Two Rooms, Auckland, New Zealand

Julian Dashper, John Nixon, and Jan van der Ploeg in The Smoothing of Things, Two Rooms, Auckland, New Zealand

Among these eleven artists a ‘smoothing’ operates. It operates differently whether thick and buttery or applied in slickly layered glazes. The painter’s attentiveness, whether pressing, rubbing or sealing over warp and weft or board, creates an intimate relation between their touch and our being touched.

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ENP2 Monochrome Paintings, Everything Nothing Projects, Canberra, Australia

everything nothing projects

The continuing tradition of monochrome (one colour) painting in western art began in the early 20th century. American curator, critic and writer Barbara Rose describes monochrome painting as: ‘simultaneously fullness and void, a moment of silence in a world of noise. It goes nowhere and everywhere, it is specific and universal, tangible and immaterial. It is the ultimate paradox.’

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COLOUR light TIME, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne, Australia


Installation view. February 3-26,2011 The artworks in COLOUR light TIME celebrate complexity, transience, and the contingent nature of being. They off er us a range of approaches whilst engaging us with our own experiencing, perceiving, understanding, and feeling, and ask us to consider how these processes unfold and develop over time. Through the use of colour and light in time and space, the artworks generate complex responses via physical phenomena (sensation) and symbolic codes (knowledge). […]

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Julian Dashper (1960-2009): It Is Life

Texts by various artists, Julian Dashper: It Is Life, MINUS SPACE, August-September 2010

August 7 - September 4, 2010

MINUS SPACE is honored to announce the memorial exhibition Julian Dashper (1960-2009): It Is Life. The exhibition marks the one-year anniversary of the New Zealand artist's death and it will feature a single work by Julian entitled Future Call, as well as written tributes to him by more than 70 artists internationally.

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Shifting Continuities: Christoph Dahlhausen & David Thomas, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Bulleen/Melbourne, Australia


Christoph Dahlhausen, Study for intervention, 2010 July 31 – October 31, 2010 Curator: Lesley Harding This project by Christoph Dahlhausen (Germany) and David Thomas (Australia), their second collaboration, takes the form of a series of minimalist and subtle interventions in the transitory spaces and often overlooked zones at Heide. Employing a range of materials—paint, mirror, reflective metals, vinyl, colour and light—within the site and architecture of the Museum, the artists encourage active looking and engagement […]

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Fully Booked, Hotel Beethoven, Bonn, Germany


Daniel Göttin, Vakuum, 2009 Adhesive textile tape, transparent tape, aluminium tape Installation view November 15, 2009 – February 28, 2009 Featuring 50 artists from 8 countries. Participating Artists: Nir Alon, Nathan Baker, Carola Bark, Nicholas Bodde, Ingo Bracke, Lars Breuer, Silke Brosskamp, Laura Bruce, Christoph Dahlhausen, Bruno Dorn, Reinhard Doubrawa, Martin Durham, Karsten Fodinger, Manuel Franke, Marcel Frey, Sebastian Freytag, Tom Früchtl, Daniel Göttin, Wiebke Grösch und Frank Metzger, Yvo Hartmann, Geka Heinke, Graham Hudson, […]

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Escape from New York, Curated by Matthew Deleget, Project Space Spare Room, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Installation view of Escape from New York, Project Space Spare Room, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, 2009

May 8-29, 2009

RMIT University School of Art and Sydney Non Objective present contemporary non-objective practice from MINUS SPACE New York. A survey of reductive strategies by artists living in and around New York City. Presenting a single work from each artist, as well as an open letter to the artist community affiliated with RMIT Non Objective.

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Punk Noise & Paint, Interview with Mark Dagley, by Don Voisine

Abstract artist and musician Mark Dagley has been working in New York and Europe for over twenty-five years. Drawing from various postwar art movements and developments: Op Art, Washington Color School, Monochrome Painting, as well as European modes of art making, such as Support/Surface and Radical Painting, Mark has created a diffuse, yet particularly American body of work. Last spring Mark retrieved a group of paintings he had in storage at his parents’ home in […]

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Australia: Contemporary Non-Objective Art, Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung e.V., Bonn, Germany

  December 1, 2007 — January 20, 2008 Developed in collaboration between raum 2810 and Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung e.V., this is the first survey exhibition of Australian non-objective art in Germany and includes 17 artists.  Participating artists: Justin Andrews, Daniel Argyle, Richard Dunn, Michael Graeve, Billy Gruner, Melinda Harper, Andrew Huston, Kyle Jenkins, Sarah Keighery, Melanie E. Khava, Andrew Leslie, John Nixon, Robert Owen, Kerrie Poliness, Trevor Richards, Quentin Sprague and David Thomas. […]

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David Thomas: Photopaintings, Reflection Paintings, Composites, Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney, Australia

  David Thomas, Amid our Narratives, 2006 Enamel on photograph on Dibond, 100 x 150 cm November 3 — December 20, 2007 David Thomas lives and works in Melbourne where he currently lectures as an Associate professor in painting at RMIT. In his practice which includes painting, photopainting and installations, Thomas engages with the monochrome in an at once speculative and reflexive, reverential yet unorthodox way. He employs monochrome in conjunction with other elements – […]

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Licht – Glas – Transparenz, Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche Osnabrück, Germany

  Regine Schumann, Leuchtpfeifen, installation September 15 — November 28, 2007 A group exhibition about light with works by Christoph Dahlhausen (Germany), Dan Graham (USA), David Thomas (Australia), Brigitte Kowanz (Austria), Yvo Hartmann (Switzerland), Regine Schumann (Germany), Nir Alon (Israel), and Spencer Finch (USA).

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Composite Realities Amid Time and Space: Recent Art and Photography, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy, Australia

  Christoph Dahlhausen, Film for Melbourne (detail), 2007 July 20 — September 1, 2007  Presenting work by contemporary artists from Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand and South Korea, and curated by participating artist David Thomas, Composite Realities Amid Time and Space: Recent Art and Photography expands the experience of photography at CCP from the wall mounted fine print, to consider works which articulate actual time and space. The exhibition will address the issue of photography, […]

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