Robert Swain solo exhibition The Form of Color, Santa Monica Museum of Art, CA

Robert Swain: The Form of Color, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA

Robert Swain: The Form of Color is an immersive, site-specific exhibition grounded by the artist’s forty-five years of research into the phenomenology of color. The Form of Color is Swain’s first solo museum exhibition in California, and is comprised of interlocking, modular paintings created specifically for the Museum and the quality of light in Santa Monica. Each composition is made up of individual twelve by twelve inch squares of color, and measures up to seventy feet in length. The result is an all-encompassing visual and physical encounter-a journey into the sublime.

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John Zinsser: Recent Paintings, George Lawson Gallery, San Francisco, CA

John Zinsser: Recent Paintings, George Lawson Gallery, San Francisco, CA

We are pleased to be showing a selection of eight new paintings by New York artist John Zinsser. Zinsser works with an organic version of the grid, pulling exaggerated impastos off of flat grounds. He extends the physical range of traditional oil and canvas with spray enamels and resin additives to enable pronounced juxtapositions of figure and ground.

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Rudolf de Crignis: MATRIX 245, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, CA

Rudolf de Crignis

Though the Swiss-born Rudolf de Crignis (1948–2006) suffered an untimely death at the age of fifty-eight, the artist left behind a large and magnificent body of work, including a vast collection of the meditative paintings for which he is renowned.

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David Rhodes: Nocturnes, Some Walls, Oakland, CA

David Rhodes, Some Walls

Some Walls is pleased to present David Rhodes: "Nocturnes," paintings on linen and paper by the British-born, Berlin-based artist from January 19 - March 31, 2013. This is a unique opportunity to see Rhodes's work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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David Reed: Heart of Glass, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn, Germany

David Reed

David Reed, born 1946 in San Diego and a resident of New York since the 1970s, has in his good forty creative years developed an oeuvre that, with all its concentration on specific forms of painting, also maintains relationships to other, more recent image media, especially to film and video art.

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Daniel Levine: Marker, Some Walls, Oakland, CA

Daniel Levine

Some Walls is pleased to present Daniel Levine: "Marker". In an interview with John Zinsser in NY Arts Magazine, Levine answers, " paintings aren’t as "outwardly friendly" as yours are. You’re the "friendly" abstract painter – the "A" side of a great single; I’m the "B" side, in a minor key."

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James Welling: Geometric Abstraction, Regen Projects II, Los Angeles, CA

james welling_regen projects

Installation view. February 29 – March 31, 2012 Regen Projects is pleased to announce an exhibition of work by Los Angeles artist James Welling. This exhibition will present a selection from two recent bodies of work: Geometric Abstraction (2008) and Maison de Verre (2009). This pairing examines the dialogue between photographic representation and visual experience that is at the core of Welling’s work. Geometric Abstraction extends the exploration Welling began in 1998 with his New […]

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Requiem for the Sun: The Art of Mono-ha, Blum & Poe, Los Angeles, CA

mono-ha_blum and poe

Installation view. February 25 – April 14, 2012 Blum & Poe is pleased to announce its forthcoming exhibition Requiem for the Sun: The Art of Mono-ha. This exhibition examines the postwar Japanese artistic phenomenon Mono-ha (School of Things), following the solo exhibition of Mono-ha’s key ideologue, Lee Ufan at the gallery in January 2010. Representing an important art historical turning point, “Requiem for the Sun” refers to the attitude of aesthetic detachment and renewal of […]

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George Ortman, Constructions: 1949 – 2011, Algus Greenspon Gallery, New York, NY


George Ortman’s painted constructions of the 1950s and early 1960s are pioneering works. Their reductive geometry and modular color were widely seen as being at the forefront of young artists move away from abstract expressionism.

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Karl Benjamin and the Evolution of Abstraction: 1950-1980, Louis Stern Fine Art, West Hollywood, CA


Karl Benjamin did not set out to become one of the founding fathers of Hard Edge painting. His plan was to write. However, in 1950 while attempting to offer art instruction, along with reading and writing, to his classroom of sixth graders, Karl Benjamin discovered painting, switched his allegiance to the visual arts and the rest is history.

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California Design, 1930-1965: “Living in a Modern Way,” Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California

california design

Julius Shulman (1910–2009), photographer, Pierre Koenig, architect, Stahl House (Case Study House #22), Los Angeles, 1960 © J. Paul Getty Trust. October 1, 2011 – June 3, 2012 This exhibition is the first major study of California midcentury modern design. With more than 300 objects—furniture, ceramics, metalwork, fashion and textiles, and industrial and graphic design—the exhibition examines the state’s role in shaping the material culture of the entire country. Organized into four thematic areas, the […]

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Phenomenal: California Light, Space, Surface, MCASD La Jolla, La Jolla, CA, MCASD Downtown, San Diego, CA


In the 1960s and 70s, light became a primary medium for a loosely-affiliated group of artists working in Los Angeles. Whether by directing the flow of natural light, embedding artificial light within objects or architecture, or by playing with light through the use of transparent, translucent or reflective materials, these artists each made perception itself the subject of their work.

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“Phenomenal: California Light, Space, Surface”, Museum of Contempory Art, San Diego, CA

james turrell_mcasd

In the 1960s and ’70s, light became a primary medium for a loosely-affiliated group of artists working in Los Angeles. Whether by directing the flow of natural light, embedding artificial light within objects or architecture, or by playing with light through the use of transparent, translucent or reflective materials, these artists each made the visitor’s experience of light and other sensory phenomena under specific conditions the focus of their work.

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Robert Irwin: Way Out West, L&M Arts, Venice, CA

robert irwin - lm arts

Installation view. September 17 – October 22, 2011 L&M Arts, Los Angeles is honored to present Way Out West, an exhibition of new fluorescent light tube sculptures by California based artist Robert Irwin. This will be the artist’s first commercial gallery show of new work in Los Angeles in over 40 years. In this exhibition, Robert Irwin, a pioneering artist of the “Light and Space” movement, continues his ongoing interest in the perceptual qualities of […]

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Ken Weathersby: Time is the Diamond, Some Walls, Oakland, CA

ken weathersby - some walls

Ken Weathersby, Time is a Diamond (detail), 2011 August 7 – September 25, 2011 Some Walls is pleased to present Time is the Diamond, an installation of very small works by Ken Weathersby, August 7, 2011– September 25, 2011. Ken Weathersby is known for art works he describes as “meticulous, perceptually active paintings using tight geometric patterns” interrupted “with physical insertions, reversals, dissections or displacements. The painted patterns generate moiré effects, phantom color and elusive […]

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Nancy White: A Selection of Recent Work, Jancar Jones Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Nancy White, #10 – Green Yellow, 2011 August 6-20, 2011 Jancar Jones Gallery recently moved to Los Angeles, CA from San Francisco, CA. The gallery is currently located at 506 Bernard Street in Chinatown, Los Angeles. From August 6-20, they will present a selection of recent works by Nancy White at their new location. The exhibition is by appointment only.

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Eve Aschheim: Drawings & Photograms, Some Walls, Oakland, CA


Eve Aschheim, Deluxe 3x, 2010 Gesso, graphite, and ink on mylar 17 x 12 inches June 11 – July 31, 2011 Some Walls is pleased to present “Drawings & Photograms” by New York artist Eve Aschheim June 11, 2011– July 31, 2011. Eve Aschheim’s approaches to image-making—drawings, photograms, and paintings—concern line and light, interior and exterior space, rhythm and pattern, and gesture and a sense of play conveyed using each medium’s unique processes and material. […]

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Jered Sprecher, Gallery 16, San Francisco, CA


Work by Jered Sprecher. July 15 – August 31, 2011 Jered Sprecher is at the forefront of a new generation of abstract painters who are revitalizing the practice. In his new series, Shadows of Friction, he draws from sources that are changing and evolving. His work shows images that are revealed as fragments in the midst of change, destruction, redefinition and restoration. He earned his MFA at the University of Iowa in 2002, and he […]

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Erik Saxon: Select Works, 1973-2011

Erik Saxon, BLK.RECT.+YEL.RECT.OB._O/L_09, 2009, Oil on linen, 36 x 56 inches overall, each panel 16 x 20 inches

May 7 - June 11, 2011

MINUS SPACE is delighted to announce the exhibition Erik Saxon: Select Works, 1973-2011. This is the Manhattan-based painter’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition will feature key works from seminal points in the artist’s oeuvre spanning the past forty years, including several never-before-seen grid, shaped, multi-panel, and monochrome paintings.

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Cries & Whispers, Sam Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Douglas Melini, Splendor of the Sun and the Moon, 2008 Acrylic on canvas and wood 24 x 20 inches April 23 – June 4, 2011 Sam Lee Gallery and co-curator Paul W. Evans are pleased to present Cries & Whispers, a group exhibition of 15 diverse artists whose practice centers on abstraction. Included in the exhibition are Jakob Christmas, William Conger, Jeff Gambill, Glenn Goldberg, Joanne Greenbaum, Hadley Holliday, Andy Kolar, Andrew Masullo, Douglas Melini, […]

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Jennifer Faist: Reflection, Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Jennifer Faist Carousel

Jennifer Faist, Carousel, 2010 Resin, oil, alkyd, and acrylic on wood 17 x 52 x 1.5 inches April 23 – June 4, 2011 Jennifer Faist engages in a rigorous material process where color sets an emotional timbre and pattern anchors the conceptual and compositional core of the work. Faist begins her process on stacked plywood boards which are sanded, gessoed and then painted on with thick layers of paint. The patterns created in the first […]

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Richard Serra Drawing: A Retrospective, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY


Richard Serra, out-of-round X, 1999 Paintstick on handmade Hiromi paper 79 ½ x 79 inches Private Collection April 13 – August 28, 2011 Organized by the Menil Collection, the first retrospective of the drawings of American contemporary artist Richard Serra will be on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art from April 13, 2011, through August 28, 2011. Richard Serra Drawing: A Retrospective traces the crucial role that drawing has played in Richard Serra’s work […]

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Nancy White, Jancar Jones Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Nancy White, #8 (Emerald Green), 2011 Acrylic on paper mounted board 7 x 8.5 inches March 23 – April 23, 2011 Jancar Jones Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibit of new work by Bay Area artist Nancy White. The show will include a number of acrylic paintings on paper mounted board. This will be her second solo exhibit with the gallery. In her new body of work White continues to explore the perceptual relationship […]

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Kris Chatterson: New Paintings, Western Project, Los Angeles, CA


Kris Chatterson, Blue Copper, 2011 60 x 66 inches February 19 – March 26, 2011 Western Project is proud to present the second solo exhibition of paintings by Kris Chatterson. Living and working in New York, the artist has created a body of work using printing, painting, digital imaging and iPhone drawings. Clipping and selecting gestures from previous prints, drawings and paintings, Chatterson excavates his past; a kind of digital surgery and recombination process. He […]

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Julian Hoeber, Blum & Poe, Los Angeles, California

blum and poe-julian hoeber

Julian Hoeber, Execution Changes 21 (NS Q1 CJ LC), 2011 Acrylic on panel 50 x 36 inches February 5 – March 10, 2011 Blum & Poe is very pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Los Angeles-based artist Julian Hoeber. This is Hoeber’s fourth solo-presentation with Blum & Poe. Hoeber will be debuting The Execution Changes, a suite of new abstract paintings, alongside Endless Chair, a modular and infinitely expandable seating unit, and […]

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Ruth Pastine: Transcendent Boundaries, Cabana Home (in association with Edward Cella Art + Architecture), Santa Barbara, CA


Ruth Pastine, Sighted (Blue Series), 1996 Oil on canvas 24 x 24 inches February 10 – March 26, 2011 Cabana Home, in collaboration with Edward Cella Art + Architecture, presents a solo exhibition of color field paintings by Ojai based artist Ruth Pastine. Entitled, Transcendent Boundaries, the exhibition presents a selection of work spanning 1997-2008, revealing the subtleties, intensity, and resonance of the artist’s comprehensive perceptual investigations over the last decade. Inspired by distinct and […]

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Al Taylor: Wire Instruments and Pet Stains, Santa Monica Musuem of Art, Santa Monica, CA


Al Taylor, Station of the Cross, 1990 Formica laminate and wire 42 x 25 x 23 inches January 21 – April 16, 2011 Al Taylor: Wire Instruments and Pet Stains is the first American survey of work by this important and prolific artist. The exhibition features two major series in Taylor’s vast oeuvre: Wire Instruments (1989-1990) and Pet Stains (1989-1992). These distinctive bodies of work will illustrate the importance of Taylor’s process and creative breadth. […]

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All of This and Nothing, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA

hammer museum-frances stark

Frances Stark, Push, 2006 Latex, printed matter, linen tape, stickers on panel. 80 x 89 inches January 30 – April 24, 2011 All of this and nothing is the sixth in the Hammer Museum’s biennial invitational exhibition series, which highlights work of Los Angeles-based artists, both established and emerging, alongside a number of international artists. All of this and nothing features more than 60 works, much of it created for the exhibition, by fourteen artists: […]

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Olivier Mosset, Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, CA


Installation view. January 15 – March 5, 2011 The Christopher Grimes Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Olivier Mosset, featuring motorcycles painted and customized by Vincent Szarek and Jeffrey Schad. For the past 40 years, Mosset has challenged the historical notion of painting as an art object beginning with his involvement in B.M.P.T. (a Paris-based group of painters active during the mid-1960s consisting of Daniel Buren, Mosset, Michel Parmentier, and Niele […]

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R. H. Quaytman: New Work, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA


R. H. Quaytman I Love-The Eyelid Clicks/ I See/ Cold Poetry, Chapter 18, 2010 Silkscreen inks on gessoed panel October 22, 2010 – January 16, 2011 In thought-provoking paintings, all made on small wood panels, R. H. Quaytman employs a variety of techniques and artistic vocabularies to explore the complex history of painting. The artist considers each new body of work as a new “chapter” in an ongoing investigation of the interrelationship of site, history, […]

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