Sonic Network No. 9, White Box, New York, NY

john aslanidis_white box

White Box is pleased to present the collaborative project between John Aslanidis and Berlin-based sound artist, Brian May: Sonic Network no.9. Akin to their first collaboration in 2006, May has composed a generative sound piece to be played for the duration of the exhibition in conjunction with Aslanidis’ painting, Sonic Network no.9.

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John Aslanidis: Sonic Network No. 8, Gallery 9, Sydney, Australia


John Aslanidis, Sonic Fragment No. 42, 2010 Oil and acrylic on canvas 66 x 81 cm November 3 – 27, 2010 Since the 1990s, John Aslanidis has been exploring the relationship between sound and vision. In each painting, Aslanidis uses colour and line to create chromatic intensities that resemble the experience of listening to music. Aslanidis is interested in portraying an “optimistic vision”. Aslanidis describes this new series of work as “sonic currents”. He explains: […]

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