Julian Dashper: This is Not Writing published by Michael Lett and Clouds, New Zealand


Book Launch: June 14, Auckland, New Zealand This is not writing brings together for the first time the writings of the great New Zealand artist Julian Dashper (1960-2009). As an artist and writer he was deliberate as nature, and this body of work represents a parallel to his ongoing consideration of painting practice in the aftermath of modernism. Throughout his career as artist and educator, Dashper wrote, assiduously, in a range of forms as particular […]

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Rolf Ricke Collection, Published by Hatje Cantz, 2008


Click to purchase on Amazon Berlin gallerist Rolf Ricke has been unleashing influential American artists like Richard Artschwager, Jo Baer, Donald Judd, Lee Lozano, Steven Parrino, Richard Serra, Jessica Stockholder, Barry Le Va, David Reed, and Li Trincere on Europe since the 1960s. A 1965 trip to New York opened his eyes to the creative ferment happening there, and inspired him to import the artists themselves, to create new work for his Berlin-based gallery, rather […]

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Meaning Liam Gillick, Edited by Monika Szewczyk, The MIT Press, June 2009


  Click to purchase on Amazon The first critical reader on the artist’s work. With essays by Peio Aguirre, Johanna Burton, Nikolaus Hirsch, John Kelsey, Maurizio Lazzarato, Maria Lind, Sven Lütticken, Benoît Maire, Chantal Mouffe, Barbara Steiner and Marcus Verhagen. Liam Gillick (b. 1964) is a New York and London-based artist who emerged in the 1990s in the midst of paradigmatic political and cultural change. In the past two decades, he has developed a highly […]

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Rediscovering Slobodkina: A Pioneer of American Abstraction, Book Release & Open House Party at the Slobodkina Foundation


  Click to purchase on Amazon May 31, 2009, 11am – 4pm Come celebrate the centennial of Esphyr Slobodkina – a founder of the influential American Abstract Artists group and author of Caps for Sale – with the release of Rediscovering Slobodkina: A Pioneer of American Abstraction, published by Hudson Hills Press. This 180-page book features 4 scholarly essays and nearly 100 full color reproductions. The event will take place at Esphyr Slobodkina’s last home […]

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Josef + Anni Albers: Designs for Living, by Nicholas Fox Weber, Martin Filler & Paul Warwick Thompson, Published by Merrell, 2004


  Click to purchase on Amazon This is such a great publication, the only comprehensive book on the furniture, textiles and the other works of two of the most important and influential artists of the twentieth century. Features innovative objects that the couple designed for their homes while teaching at the Bauhaus in Germany and following their move to the United States in 1933. Includes specially commissioned photographs of important but little-known works. Illuminating essays […]

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Robert Ryman: Used Paint, by Suzanne P. Hudson, The MIT Press, 2009


  Click to purchase on Amazon In this first book-length study of Robert Ryman, Suzanne Hudson traces the artist’s production from his first paintings in the early 1950s, many of which have never been exhibited or reproduced, to his more recent gallery shows. Ryman’s largely white-on-white paintings represent his careful working over of painting’s conventions at their most radically reduced. Through close readings of the work, Hudson casts Ryman as a painter for whom painting […]

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Lucio Fontana: Graphics, Multiples and More, by Harry Ruhe & Camillo Rigo, Tuja Books, Amsterdam, 2006


    Click to purchase on Amazon This book recently came to our attention. By no means exhaustive, this labour of love attempts to catalogue the multitudinous editions of Lucio Fontana. Divided into 13 different sections, examining everything from handmade multiple editions and lithographs to jewelry and printed works, each edition is clearly presented one to a page and accompanied by production details. Nearly 200 color and b+w illustrations.

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Talking Art: Interviews with Artists Since 1976


  Purchase on Amazon.com Since it was founded in 1976, Art Monthly magazine has consistently published interviews with leading contemporary artists. The interviews collected in this book offer unique insights into the thought processes and working practices of artists. From Russian Constructivists of the 1920s to Turner Prize winners, this collection of interviews constitutes an entertaining and alternative history of 20th-century art written in the first person. Contributors include: Naum Gabo, Clement Greenberg, Victor Pasmore, […]

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Reality Check Interview with Matthew Deleget, by Jackie Battenfield, The Artist’s Guide, October 2008

  The Artist’s Guide: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love is a comprehensive handbook that provides the information, tools, and techniques, for developing and sustaining a successful art career. It provides answers to the challenges artists face everyday and includes real-life examples, illustrations, step-by-step exercises, and bulleted lists that allow readers to dive in and begin working immediately. Author Jackie Battenfield maintains her own career as a visual artist and teaches professional […]

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Imi Knoebel: Works 1966-2006, by Wolfram Hogrebe, Johannes Stüttgen, Martin Schulz, Dirk Martin, Franz-Joachim Verspohl, Published by Kerber, 2008

  Click to purchase on Amazon.com Born in Dessau in 1940, Imi Knoebel is a leading figure of 1960s abstraction. He was a student in Joseph Beuys’ master class when he began to seriously question the role of the image in painting, and by 1968 he had formulated the foundation of his practice in the seminal installation “Raum 19,” which has continued to influence his work. Working in between painting and sculpture, Knoebel layers individual […]

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Olle Baertling: A Modern Classic, by David Birnbaum & David Raskin, Published by Steidl/Swedish Books/Moderna Museet, 2007

  Click to purchase on Amazon.com As a concrete-abstract painter during the 1950s and 60s, Olle Baetling (1911-1981) developed a personal pictorial universe, while also occupying a firm position among the “Salon des Realites Nouvelles” and Galerie Denise Rene in Paris. His work was highly influential to American Op artists and Minimalists like Donald Judd.

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Dan Flavin: The 1964 Green Gallery Exhibition, by Jeffrey Weiss, Published by Steidl/Zwirner & Wirth, 2008

  Click to purchase on Amazon.com This book examines a seminal 1964 Dan Flavin exhibition at New York’s influential (though short-lived) Green Gallery, which broke new ground–and marked a turning-point in the artist’s career–with the first series of works composed of colored fluorescent light tubes. The exhibition included seminal works like “the diagonal of May 25, 1963 (to Robert Rosenblum)” (1963) and “a primary picture” (1964). This volume coincides with Zwirner & Wirth’s recreation of […]

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Tomma Abts, By Laura Hoptman, Bruce Hainley & Jan Verwoert, Phaidon Press, 2008

  Click image to purchase on Amazon.com This volume on Tomma Abts (b. 1967) is published in conjuction with the exhibition at New York’s New Museum of Contemporary Art (April 9 – June 29, 2008). It explores how the artist creates forms that delight the eye and challenge the mind. While working within strict parameters, Abts has reinvented abstraction for the twenty-first century. This is the first monograph on Abts, providing an extensive overview of […]

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American Abstract Art of the 1930s and 1940s: The J. Donald Nichols Collection, By Robert Knott, Published by Harry N. Abrams, 1998

Click image to purchase on Amazon.com This book is new to us, although it’s been out for more than a decade.  We just saw it today at The Morgan Library & Museum bookstore.  About the book: After attending Wake Forest University on an athletic scholarship, J. Donald Nichols played professional baseball with the Baltimore Orioles. From there he went into the real estate development business. He has built more than 175 shopping centers throughout the […]

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Jasper Johns: Gray, By Douglas W. Druick & James Rondeau, Published by Art Institute of Chicago, 2007

Click image to purchase on Amazon.com The exhibition catalogue includes essays by James Rondeau; Douglas Druick; Mark Pascale, associate curator, prints and drawings, Art Institute of Chicago; Richard Shiff, Effie Marie Cain Regents Chair in Art, University of Texas-Austin; Barbara Rose, noted Johns scholar; and Kelly Keegan, assistant painting conservator, and Kristin Lister, conservator of paintings, Art Institute of Chicago; as well as an interview with the artist by Nan Rosenthal, senior consultant, Department of […]

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Half Square Half Crazy, Published by Cornerhouse, 2007

  This publication explores the re-examination or the redeployment of forms and devices drawn from Minimal art by numerous contemporary artists. Taking into account their present adoption by the cultural and design industries, these artists update the inherent contradiction of the neo-avant-gardes of the 1960s—between an aspiration for the autonomy of art, and the heteronomy of the means to achieve this. Looking back on the aporias of such an historical heritage, the practices discussed here […]

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Hartmut Böhm featured in Stretching a Point, edited by Willi Otremba, Kunstlerhaus Dortmund, 2007

    Stretching a Point, a new catalog published on the occasion of the show “perplex” with documentation of the shows “ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst” and “inner spaces” and relating to the show “the other sight”.  Edited by MS artist Willi Otremba. Cover image by MINUS SPACE artist Hartmut Böhm.  Hardcover, 144 pages, printed by Kettler, ISBN 978-3-939825-80-7.

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Olle Bærtling: A Modern Classic, Steidl/Swedish Books/Moderna Museet, 2007

    Purchase on Amazon.com As a concrete-abstract painter during the 1950s and 60s, Olle Bærtling (1911-1981) developed a personal pictorial universe, while also occupying a firm position among the “Salon des Realités Nouvelles” and Galerie Denise René in Paris. His work was highly influential to American Op artists and Minimalists like Donald Judd.  Introduction by Ustvedt Nilsson, John Peter Øystein. Text by David Birnbaum, Daniel Raskin.  Price $40.

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The Geometry of Hope: Latin American Abstract Art from the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection, The Blanton Museum of Art, 2007

  Purchase on Amazon.com Colorful and playful kinetic sculptures, experimental objects designed to be catalysts for community building, manifestos calling for joy and the negation of melancholy: these are the elements that have shaped The Geometry of Hope. The title of this richly illustrated, 340-page volume brings together two threads that epitomize postwar abstract art from Latin America: on the one hand, geometry, precision, clarity and reason; on the other, a utopian sense of hope. […]

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Small Differences Make All the Difference, by Lynne Harlow

In his series of lectures, Pictures of Nothing: Abstract Art since Pollock, Kirk Varnedoe asks tough questions.  Why abstract art?  What is abstract art good for?  These questions, the topic of his six lectures, are familiar.  It seems to me that they are asked, and in a sense answered, every time an artist makes an abstract work.  They are the questions that artists ask as we wrestle with the history of abstraction and as we […]

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Hartmut Böhm featured in Minimalism and After, Tradition and Tendencies of Minimalism from 1950 to the Present, New Acquisitions for the DaimlerChrysler Collection 2000-2006

Purchase on Amazon.com Conceived by Renate Wiehager of the DaimlerChrylser Collection, this new publication provides a much needed, more thorough overview of reductive art  practices — in both Europe and the United States — than previously published.  300 works by 150 artists, including MS artists Hartmut Böhm, Sylvan Lionni, Jan van der Ploeg, and Michael Zahn.  Buy this book.

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