Mark Dagley & John Nixon in Elementary Painting, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, St. Gallen, Switzerland


An orange surface on a baking sheet with a simple white frame, or an orange accent on a small-scale canvas...? What is the deciding factor that differentiates painting and crafts as art forms? How do today's artists deal with the starting point of painting since this problem appeared to have been long resolved but is challenged once again by each generation? These are the kind of questions to which the Elementary Painting exhibition at the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen devotes itself: It confronts the classic colour field paintings with situations which initially determine the paintings by their borders.

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Monochrome (Part Two), Gallery Lange & Pult, Zurich, Switzerland


Installation view August 28 – October 9, 2010 Participating Artists: Jean-Michel Alberola, Francisco da Mata, Beni Bischof, Philippe Decrauzat, Andreas Golinksi, Mathieu Mercier, Gerold Miller, Olivier Mosset, Valentina Pini, Christian Robert-Tissot, Katja Strunz, Malgorzata Szymankiewicz, Luca Vitone, Carrie Yamaoka, Heimo Zobernig

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