David Thomas: Impermanences

Installation view of David Thomas: Impermanences, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn, NY, 2016

April 16 - May 28, 2016

MINUS SPACE is proud to present the exhibition David Thomas: Impermanences. This is the Melbourne, Australia-based artist’s first solo exhibition in the United States and it will feature a site-sensitive installation of monochromatic paintings on canvas, photopaintings on paper, and wall paintings.

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John Nixon: EPW – Paintings for an Abstract Commune

Installation view of John Nixon: EPW - Paintings for an Abstract Commune, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn, NY, 2014

May 16 - June 21, 2014

MINUS SPACE is delighted to present the exhibition John Nixon: EPW – Paintings for an Abstract Commune. This is the Melbourne, Australia-based artist’s first solo exhibition in the United States since 1996. It will include examples from two bodies of work: Paintings for an Abstract Commune, a suite of new, modestly-scaled enamel works on medium-density fiberboard that function simultaneously as both abstract paintings and flags; and Monochrome (Shaped Canvas), which use shape to impart dynamism into the discipline of monochrome painting.

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Julian Dashper in Reinventing the Wheel: the Readymade Century, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne, Australia

Julian Dashper in Reinventing the Wheel: the Readymade Century, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne, Australia

Arguably the most influential development in art of the twentieth century, the use of the readymade was set in motion 100 years ago with Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel. Giving birth to an entire artistic language, Duchamp’s conversion of an unadorned, everyday object into a figure of high art completely inverted how people considered artistic practice.

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Kyle Jenkins: Falling Down, MOP Projects, Sydney, Australia

Kyle Jenkins

In this solo exhibition for MOP, Kyle Jenkins has created a new body of work that involves the deconstruction and reconstruction of various relationships between conceptualised and physical interpretations of space. The conceptual foundation for the work is the Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Speedway on Saturday, December 6, 1969, where various interpretations of space collapsed into chaotic and evolving forms of activity.

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Justin Andrews: Projector, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Justin Andrews

The documentation of Kasimir Malevich’s solo exhibition 0:10, The Last Futurist Exhibition of Pictures in Petrograd, 1915, yielded one of Modernisms iconic images. The black and white photograph shows twenty-one square and rectangular paintings of varying size, hanging on adjacent walls. A chair sits at the base of the right-hand wall, giving an indication of scale. At the top corner of the room, hung so as to form a triangle against the room’s top corner, is Malevich’s Black Square (1915).

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ENP2 Monochrome Paintings, Everything Nothing Projects, Canberra, Australia

everything nothing projects

The continuing tradition of monochrome (one colour) painting in western art began in the early 20th century. American curator, critic and writer Barbara Rose describes monochrome painting as: ‘simultaneously fullness and void, a moment of silence in a world of noise. It goes nowhere and everywhere, it is specific and universal, tangible and immaterial. It is the ultimate paradox.’

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The Solo Projects: Andreas Exner and Rose Nolan, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Victoria College for the Arts, Melbourne, Australia


Rose Nolan, Tunnel/Tent Work – HARD BUT FAIR/POINT LESS, 2009 Acrylic paint, hessian, and cotton thread 978 x 106 x 39 inches October 14 – November 12, 2011 Andreas Exner is one of Germany’s most acclaimed contemporary artists and sculptors. Over the course of almost three decades he has constructed a body of work that is both readily familiar and utterly distinctive. Trafficking in the substances of the everyday – the cars, clothes, wardrobes and […]

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Barbara Halnan: Notations, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia

barbara halnan

Installation view. In this work Halnan is revisiting concepts and materials she was exploring in the making of quite large scale ephemeral works in the years 1995 – 2001. She defined these works (Books I – III, Dumbbell, Wavelength etc.) as “installed constructions” as they were fabricated within the constraints of certain particular spaces or environments, and relied to a large extent on these environments for their form. To this extent they were site specific […]

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Roland Orépük: Tiny Cut Paintings, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia

factory 49 - paper cut paintings

Roland Orépük, Tiny Cut Paintings, 2011 Acrylic on cardboard, 9 parts 3 x 6 x 1 inches July 13-23, 2011 The Tiny Cut Paintings follow the Engraved Monochromes resuming the use and implementation of the same principles to hold a more intimate dialogue with the supporting cardboard. Here, each of the nine triptychs is built on a base made of three yellow over white modules, perfectly identical, cloning, repetition and difference.

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Manifold, Annandale Galleries, Sydney, Australia

oscar yanez - annandale galleries

Oscar Yanez, Aoyama, 2010 Oil on canvas 60 x 60 inches June 15 – August 6, 2011 Organised by Giles Ryder, Manifold is a fascinating snapshot of significant contemporary art being done in Australia today. Featuring the work of Cathy Blanchflower, Scott Chaseling, Helga Groves, Billy Gruner, Jeremy Kibel, Andrew Leslie, Jordan Spedding, Giles Ryder, and Oscar Yanez.

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Tomislav Nikolic: Eidos, Yuill/Crowley Gallery, Sydney, Australia


Installation view. April 16 – May 14, 2011 Tomislav Nikolic’s paintings have always presented centralized fields of colour. In this current series of twelve works the centre is built up by several layers of transparent washes of marble dust and pigment that coalesce into a deep yet luminous colour-field. At the edges of these washes, the colours separate into fine lines, dribbles, strokes, and zips of colour that subtly reveal the underside of the surface […]

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Daniel Göttin: Angles and Edges, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia


Daniel Göttin, Sketch for installation with colored felt pieces in corners, on edges and doors 12 x 12 cm each April 21 – May 14, 2011 Since 1990, Daniel Göttin has been examining the interaction between material, space, and visual appearance. He has conceived and developed his space installations according to the information that the given spatial situation offers. His interest is in the equal dialogue between the already existing and a specific intervention. This […]

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Sydney Ball: Infinex, Sullivan+Strumpf Fine Art Sydney, Australia

sydney ball

Sydney Ball, Infinex Lumina #6, 2010 Acrylic on canvas 65 x 102 inches April 7-24, 2011 The Infinex Series The works are an orchestration of individual shapes that are related to each other in various combinations in a contemporary context. Infinite is a word I associate as a title with “boundless possibilities, light, means, quality”. Like my modular / installation works of 1968 these new modular shapes again use the negative background wall space but […]

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Colour Bazaar: Nine Contemporary Works, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Bulleen, Australia


Matthew Gerber, Rala Rala, 2007 Oil on canvas 75 x 118 inches February 12 – June 19, 2011 This exhibition brings together nine paintings and sculptures by contemporary artists to create a colourful, eclectic and texturally diverse display.The idea of the bazaar is loosely invoked to suggest a place of richness and variety, where visual ideas are exchanged. The works contrast with and complement each other through their formal as well as conceptual qualities and […]

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Trevor Richards: Revision, Peloton, Sydney, Australia

Trevor Richards

Trevor Richards, Big Twister, 2010 Acrylic on canvas 55 x 55 inches March 3-26, 2011 Trevor Richards lives and works in Fremantle, Western Australia. His practice over the past thirty years has encompassed painting, sculpture, video, photography and installation. In the past decade he has shown work extensively in Europe. “In Richards’s work, the mixing of abstraction, everyday objects and site-specificity has long addressed the relationship between human experience and place. Historical context is also […]

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Adrian Clement, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia


Adrian Clement, Drawing No. 29 from Purple and Green Drawings Volume 1 10 x 8 inches February 24 – March 19, 2011 The first volume of Purple and Green Drawings were made using an iPad shortly after its release in 2010. The application used for drawing is called C64 and presents a number of restrictions, including a reduced color palette and rectangular as opposed to square pixels, giving the works a vintage video-game quality. Approximately […]

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Margaret Roberts, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia


Margaret Roberts, Sunliner Seat Base (sink-side) Unprimed canvas 39 x 54 inches February 24 – March 5, 2011 Live in Your Art 2 The work uses the fixtures of the Sunliner caravan normally parked behind the Factory 49 showroom to make hybrid forms that acknowledge both their space of origin and the art space for which they are made. The caravan cupboards, bench, seat bases, wardrobe and water-tank are opened-out into the flat shapes typical […]

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Beat Zoderer: New Works, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Waterloo, Australia


February  24 – March 19, 2011 Internationally famous Swiss artist Beat Zoderer returns to Australia and together with one of Sydney’s leading artists A.D.S. Donaldson they have installed ‘Working’ at thirtyseven degrees – Contemporary Fine Art Gallery. Beat Zoderer, who both, radically reworks readymade materials, often transforming everyday objects from a wide range of cultures into startling works of art is at the same time a sensitive and spectacular sculptor in the more formal sense. […]

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Kyle Jenkins: Sunken Treasure

Installation view of Kyle Jenkins: Sunken Treasure, MINUS SPACE, 2011

February 5 - March 12, 2011

MINUS SPACE is delighted to announce the exhibition Kyle Jenkins: Sunken Treasure. This is the Australian artist’s first solo exhibition in the United States and it will feature a new site-specific painting installation.

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COLOUR light TIME, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne, Australia


Installation view. February 3-26,2011 The artworks in COLOUR light TIME celebrate complexity, transience, and the contingent nature of being. They off er us a range of approaches whilst engaging us with our own experiencing, perceiving, understanding, and feeling, and ask us to consider how these processes unfold and develop over time. Through the use of colour and light in time and space, the artworks generate complex responses via physical phenomena (sensation) and symbolic codes (knowledge). […]

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Remembering Forward: Australian Aboriginal Paintings Since 1960, Ludwig Museum, Cologne, Germany


Ronnie Tjampitjinpa Tingari Ceremonies at the Side of Pintjun, 1989 Acrylic on canvas 152 x 180 cm November 20, 2010 – March 20, 2011 It is far more than living memory: it is a sensory, non-linear intertwining of past and future, of cause and effect, that distinguishes Australian Aboriginal painting. In Europe these unusual artworks are still largely unknown. The Museum Ludwig will devote attention to them in a large exhibition of approximately fifty paintings […]

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John Aslanidis: Sonic Network No. 8, Gallery 9, Sydney, Australia


John Aslanidis, Sonic Fragment No. 42, 2010 Oil and acrylic on canvas 66 x 81 cm November 3 – 27, 2010 Since the 1990s, John Aslanidis has been exploring the relationship between sound and vision. In each painting, Aslanidis uses colour and line to create chromatic intensities that resemble the experience of listening to music. Aslanidis is interested in portraying an “optimistic vision”. Aslanidis describes this new series of work as “sonic currents”. He explains: […]

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The SNO Group, Gallery 9, Sydney, Australia


Installation view October 6-30, 2010 Participating Artists: Justin Andrews, Lynne Eastaway, Sophia Egarchos, Billy Gruner, Suzie Idiens, Kyle Jenkins, Andrew Leslie, Ruark Lewis, Adrian McDonald, Rachel Park, Giles Ryder, Ian Andrews, Masato Takasaka, Sydney Ball, Rolande Souliere & Mattys Gerber

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Col Jordan: A Play on White, Mossenson Galleries, Melbourne, Australia


Col Jordan, Mosaic 8 – The Gate Acrylic on canvas 160 x 280 cm October 5-31, 2010 Born in Sydney in 1935, Col Jordan is one of Australia’s foremost abstract artists. In the mid-1960s, he was one of a small group of pioneering artists who introduced hard-edge optical abstraction to Australia, and in 1968 he was included in the seminal exhibition The Field which launched the National Gallery of Victoria’s St Kilda Road campus. Over the […]

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Und 6: International, Schwartz Gallery, London, United Kingdom


Billy Gruner, Punk Painting – Sound Installation, 2010 October 15 – November 7, 2010 Curated by Billy Gruner of SNO in Sydney, Jan van der Ploeg of PS in Amsterdam and Tilman of CCNOA in Brussels. UND 6 – INTERCONTINENTAL is a group show of international artists exhibiting at Schwartz Gallery working within what could broadly be described as non-objective contemporary art. Organised by artists-curators Tilman, Jan Van der Ploeg and Billy Gruner, it is […]

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