Vince Contarino: Sweet Divide, 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York, NY


Vince Contarino, Better Half, 2009 Acrylic on canvas over panel, 36 x 48 inches January 15 – February 6, 2010 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel presents Vince Contarino in “Sweet Divide” a solo exhibition of new paintings which address the specific challenges faced by abstract artists working today. Contarino describes a finished or successful painting as possessed of a nice awkwardness, differentiating an atypical abstract painting from a great one. He is conscious of existing within […]

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Sharon Brant & Erik Saxon in Monochrome Utopia, Curated by Li Trincere, 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York, NY


  Work by Olivier Mosset January 8 – January 30, 2008 Opening Reception: Thursday, January 8, 2009, 6-8:30pm A group exhibition featuring artists Sharon Brant, Matthew Deleget, Daniel Levine, Olivier Mosset, Erik Saxon & Li-Trincere.

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Incandescent: Joergen Geerds, Richard Roth & Carol Salmanson, Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York, NY

  Carol Salmanson, Upon Reflection: Column (detail) LEDs, flourescents, stainless steel, gel filters, prism rods 5 pieces, each 21 3/4″ high x 21 3/4″ wide x 10 1/2″ deep June 26 — August 15, 2008 All three artists deal with architecture and its relationship to anthropomorphism. Buildings may not look like human beings, but they mimic our consciousness in that they project light from within, or have some innate sensory rapport with the immediate natural […]

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