Our inventory features works by select affiliated reductive artists working around the globe, including paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, works on paper, sculpture, editions, multiples, and design objects. For available works by gallery artists, please see our Artists page.

To inquire about an art work, please contact us at info@minusspace.com or 347.525.4628.

* We are not reviewing unsolicited artist submissions or exhibition proposals at this time.

Josef Albers Lynne Eastaway James Juszczyk Rory MacArthur Carrie Patterson Steven Steinman
Carl Andre Nate Ethier Steve Karlik Stephen Maine Gelah Penn David Thomas
Justin Andrews Anthony Farrell Keira Kotler David Malek Mel Prest Don Voisine
Soledad Arias Daniel Feingold Melissa Kretschmer Juan Matos Capote Debra Ramsay Jan Maarten Voskuil
Shinsuke Aso Joanne Freeman Nicholas Krushenick Manfred Mohr Dirk Rathke Julie Weitz
Greet Billet Yifat Gat Steve Lambert Loren Munk Leslie Roberts Nancy White
Richard Bottwin Michael Graeve Christopher Lea Victoria Munro Ariane Roesch Guido Winkler
Tom Brazelton Ken Greenleaf Andrew Leslie Rose Nolan Richard Roth Emi Winter
Henry Brown Daniel G. Hill Daniel Levine Mary Obering Mary Schiliro Douglas Witmer
Vicente Butron IS projects Jim Long Salvatore Panatteri Sara Schnadt Lars Wolter
Melanie Crader Jeffrey Cortland Jones Vincent Longo J. Pasila DM Simons Rachael Wren
Kasarian Dane Clint Jukkala Lotte Lyon   Phil Sims Patricia Zarate
Mariah Dekkenga          



Additional works by each artist below are also available. We add additional images of available works on an ongoing basis. Click on thumbnails for larger images and complete information about each work, including pricing.