MINUS SPACE’s chronology includes major events, exhibitions, and writings regarding the development of reductive art on the international level. 

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year europe south america north america australia / asia / africa
1980 Camille Graeser dies in Wald, Switzerland

Hubert Döllner dies in Johnson, USA
Helio Oiticica dies on March 15 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ree Morton mounts a posthumous retrospective at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York

Tony Smith dies in New York, New York
1981 The exhibition "Construction in Process in the Art of the 70s" is mounted in Lodz, Poland

Gerhard von Graevenitz curates the exhibition "Pier + Ocean" at Hayward Gallery in London, England; Exhibition surveys English constructive and systemic art

Marcel Breuer dies on July 1 in New York

Olle Baertling dies in Stockholm, Sweden

Marcelle Cahn dies in Neuily-sur-Seine, France

Jean Gorin dies in Niort, France

Jean Legros dies in Paris, France
  Funded by the Dia Art Foundation, Fred Sandback opens his namesake museum in Winchendon, Massachusetts  
1982 Günter Fruhtrunk dies in Munich, Germany

Ben Nicholson dies in London, England

Heinrich-Siegfried Bormann dies in Marl

Wilhelm Jakob Hess dies on April 27 in Salzgitter

Peter Keler dies on November 11 in Weimar
  Anne Truitt publishes her book "Daybook: The Journal of an Artist"

Philip Taaffe mounts first solo exhibiition in New York, New York

Maya Lin's "Vietnam Memorial" opens in Washington, DC

The Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach, Florida organizes the first retrospective of Charmion von Wiegand
Clement Greenberg visits Australia for the second time
1983 Josef Albers Museum opens in Bottrop, Germany

The book "L'Ultima Avantguardia: Arte Programmara e Cinetica 1953-1963" by Lea Vergine is published

Gerhard von Graevenitz dies in Switzerland in an airplane crash

Gunnar S. Gundersen dies in Baerum, Norway

André Heurtaux dies in Paris, France

Walter Kaitna dies in Vienna, Austria

Karl Hermann Haupt dies in Berlin
  Funded by the Dia Art Foundation, the Dan Flavin Art Institute opens in Bridgehampton, New York

Jack Whitten mounts a 10-year retrospective at the Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, NY

Charmion von Wiegand dies in New York, NY
The Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand, mounts a retrospective exhibition of Gordon Walters

Elders at Yuendumu community in Central Australia paint scenes from their traditional mythology, or Dreaming, on the doors of the local school; Receiving wide critical acclaim in the art world, the creation of the "Yuendumu doors" becomes an important event in the history of contemporary Aboriginal art
1984 Jo Baer moved to The Netherlands

norbert Kricke dies in Dusseldorf, Germany

Kenneth Martin dies in London, England
Gego's Dibujos sin Papel exhibition at El Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas, Venezuela

Lygia Clark participates in exhibition "Neoconcretismo 1959-1961" at Galeria de Arte Banerj, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Williams College Museum of Art mounts the exhibition "Radical Painting", organized by Thomas Krens; Included the artists Raimund Girke, Marcia Hafif, Anders Knutsson, Joseph Marioni, Carmengloria Morales, Olivier Mosset, Phil Sims, Howard Smith, Frederic Thursz, Gunter Umberg, and Jerry Zeniuk  
1985 Katt Both dies on April 21 in Kassel

Ferdinand Kramer dies on November 4 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Bruno Pollak dies

Charlotte Posenenske dies
The Museu de Arte Moderna presents "Uma nove revisao do movimiento neoconcreto", Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Peter Halley begins working with gallery International with Monument; Mounts first solo exhibiition there

Gene Davis dies in Washington, DC

Paul Kelpe dies in Austin, Texas
The Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand, mounts the second major survey of Milan Mrkusich
1986 The Foundation for Constructive and Concrete Art (now Haus Konstruktiv) was founded in Zurich, Switzerland

Walter Leblanc dies in Silly, Belgium

Verena Loewensberg dies in Zurich, Switzerland

Gerd Balzer dies on March 28 in Hannover

Selman Selmanagic dies on May 7 in Berlin, Germany

Mart Stam dies on February 23 in Goldbach, Switzerland
  Sonnabend Gallery in New York City mounts the exhibition "Ashley Bickerton, Peter Halley, Jeff Koons, and Meyer Vaisman", heralding the rise of neo-geometric conceptual art (Neo-Geo)

Anne Truitt publishes her book "Turn"
Gretchen Albrecht's first major survey exhibition mounted at Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui, New Zealand
1987 The exhibition "Von der magischen Zahl über das endlose Band zum Computerprogramm: Mathematik in der Kunst der letzten 30 Jahre" is mounted at the William Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany

The Nordic Arts Center organizes the traveling exhibition "Nordic Concrete, 1907-1960"; Travels to Amos Andersons Konstmuseum, Helsinki; Norkopings Kunstmuseum, Norkoping; Henie-Onstad Kunstcenter, Hovikodden; Listasafn Islands, Reykjavik; Kunsthallen Brands Klaedefabrik, Odense; Travels thru 1988

Hermann Glöckner dies on June 18 in West Berlin, Germany

Erich Brendel dies on December 13 in Hamburg, Germany
    Colin McCahon dies in Auckland, New Zealand
1988 Richard Paul Lohse dies in Zurich, Switzerland

Henryk Stazewski dies in Warsaw, Poland
Lygia Clark dies on April 26 in Copacabana, Brazil

Mira Schendel dies in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Alfredo Volpi dies

Willys de Castro dies

Gego begins to develop Tejeduras
The book "Peter Halley: Collected Essays 1981-1987" is published

Ronald Bladen dies in New York, NY

Suzy Frelinghuysen dies in Lenox, Massachusetts
1989 The book "From Science to Systems of Art" by Patricia Railing is published

Hermann Bartels dies in Düsseldorf, Germany

Hans Hinterreiter dies in Ibiza, Spain
  Leo Valledor dies in San Francisco, CA