MINUS SPACE’s chronology includes major events, exhibitions, and writings regarding the development of reductive art on the international level.

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1900 Hans Uhlmann is born in Berlin, Germany      
1901     Beauford Delaney is born in Knoxville, Tennessee  
1902 Hans Hinterreiter is born in Winterthur, witzerland

Richard Paul Lohse is born in Zurich, Switzerland

Marcel Breuer is born on May 22 in Pécs, Hungary

Bruno Pollak is born in Tysmicnica, Poland

Heinz Rasch is born on February 15 in Charlottenburg

Ilya Grigoreich Chaschnik is born in Lithuania

Lajos d'Ebneth is born in Hungary

Ernst Wilhelm Nay is born in Berlin, Germany

Paul Kelpe is born in Minden, Germany
1903 Antonio Calderara is born in Abbiategrasso, Lombardy, Italy

Barbara Hepworth is born in Wakefield, England

Mark Rothko is born in Dvinsk, Russia

Karl Keller is born on July 5 in Greiz, Thüringen

Bodo Rasch is born on February 17 in Elberfeld

Alfred Roth is born on May 21 in Wangen, Switzerland

Helmut Schulze is born on October 26 in Naundork bei Merseburg
1904 Hin Bredendieck is born on June 7 in Aurich

Karl Hermann Haupt is born on April 16 in Halle, Saale

Edgar Hecht is born on December 16 in Kattowitz, Poland

Hubert Hoffmann is born on March 23 in Berlin

Hans Volger is born on July 30 in Strassburg, France
  Alice Trumbull Mason is born in Litchfield, Connecticut  
1905 Vilmos Huszar moves to Pays-Bas

Kenneth Martin is born in Sheffield, England

Katt Both is born on April 28 in Waldkappel, Hessen

Hermann Gautel is born on September 10 in Oldenburg

Selman Selmanagic is born on April 25 in Srebrenica
  Alfred Stieglitz opens his Gallery 291 (1905-1917)

Weber and Carles leave to study in Europe

Barnett Newman is born in New York, New York

George L.K. Morris is born
1906 G. Previati publishes treatise "Principi scientifici del divisionismo: La Technica della pintura" establishing the theory of Divisionism; Divisionism involves "painting solely with pure tints, divided and balanced, and mixing optically, following a rational method"

Gino Severini takes first trip to Paris, France

Morgan Russell takes first trip to Europe sponsored by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney; Russell visits Paris and Italy

Heinrich Heidersberger is born in Ingolstadt, Germany

Anton Stankowski is born in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Victor Vasarely is born in Pécs, Hungary

Martin Decker is born on November 9 in Striegau

Hans Fricke is born on September 11 in Oldenburg

Wilhelm Jakob Hess is born on August 20 in Nilvingen, Lothringen

Wera Meyer-Waldeck is born on May 6 in Dresden
  Morgan Russell leaves to study in Europe

Frank Lloyd Wright designs the Unity Temple in Oak Park, Illinois

Burgoyne Diller is born on January 13 in The Bronx, New York

Philip Johnson is born on July 8 in Cleveland, Ohio

Charles Josef Biederman is born on August 23 in Cleveland, Ohio

David Smith is born in Indiana
1907 Adolf Loos publishes "Ornament und Verbrechen"

Arthur Dove travels to Paris and southern France

Mary Martin is born in Folkestone, England

Ilya Bolotowsky is born in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Wilhelm Heyerhoff is born on November 24 in Nachrodt

Konrad Püschel is born on April 12 in Wernsdorf
  Stanton Macdonald-Wright and Patrick Henry Bruce leave to study in Europe

Irene Rice Pereira is born on August 5 in Chelsea, Massachusetts
1908 Victor Pasmore is born on December 3 in Chelsham, Surrey, England

Max Bill is born on December 22 in Winterthur, Switzerland

Rupprecht Geiger is born in Munich, Germany

Victor Pasmore is born in Chesham, England

Ernst Louis Beck is born on March 16 in Ebingen, Württemberg

Cornelis van der Linden is born on April 14 in Schliedam, The Netherlands
  Arthur Dove leave to study in Europe  
1909 The Italian movement "Futurism", literary in origin, that grew to embrace painting, sculpture, photography and architecture, was launched by the publication "Le Futurisme" by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in the Paris newspaper Le Figaro on February 20; Marinetti’s intention was to reject the past, to revolutionize culture and make it more modern; The new ideology of "Futurism" set itself with violent enthusiasm against the weighty inheritance of an art tied to the Italian cultural tradition and exalted the idea of an aesthetic generated by the modern myth of the machine and of speed

Otto Freundlich moves to Paris, France (1909-14)

Gerd Balzer is born on June 13 in Rostock

Heinrich-Siegfried Bormann is born on June 7 in Hannover

Pius Pahl is born on February 18 in Oggersheim, Pfalz
Roberto Burle Marx is born on August 4 in Sao Paolo, Brazil Arthur Dove returns to the United States and begins association with Alfred Stieglitz

Frank Lloyd Wright designs the Robie House in Chicago, Illinois