MINUS SPACE’s chronology includes major events, exhibitions, and writings regarding the development of reductive art on the international level.

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1890 El Lissitzky is born in Polschinok, Russia

Naum Gabo is born in Briansk, Russia

Hans Luckhardt is born on June 16 in Berlin, Germany

Walter Dexel is born in Munich, Germany

Hilla von Rebay (Hildegard Anna Augusta Elisabeth Rebay von Ehrenwiesen) is born in Strasbourg, Germany
  Stanton Macdonald-Wright is born  
1891 Anton Lorenz is born in Hungary

Alexander Rodchenko is born in St. Petersburg, Russia

Ian Fairweather is born on September 29 in Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire, Scotland
  Alma Thomas is born in Columbus, Georgia  
1892 Adolf Richard Fleischmann is born in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany

Camille Graeser is born in Carouge or Geneva, Switzerland

Franz Schuster is born on December 26 in Vienna, Austria
  Charles G. Shaw is born in New York City  
1893 Leo Breuer is born in Bonn, Germany

Leo Leuppi is born in Zurich, Switzerland

Wladyslaw Strzemenski is born on November 21 in Minsk, Belorussia, Russia

Sándor Bortnyik is born on July 3 in Marosvásárhely, Romania
1894 Ben Nicholson is born in Denham, England

Henryk Stazewski is born in Warsaw, Poland

Josef Pohl is born on February 5 in Braunau, Böhman

Henri Berlewi is born in Warsaw, Poland

Wassily Ermilow is born in Charkov, Russia

Iwan Puni (Jean Pougny) is born in Konokala, Finland
    Roy de Maistre is born in Maryvale, New South Wales, Australia
1895 Laszló Moholy-Nagy is born in Bacsbarsod, Hungary

Marcelle Cahn is born in Strasbourg, France

Rudolf Lutz is born on October 11 in Heilbronn, Germany

Sandor (Alexandre) Bortnyk is born in Budapest, Hungary

Gustav Kluzis is born in Riga, Latvia
1896 Alfredo Volpi is born in Lucca, Italy

Erich Dieckmann is born on November 5 in Kauernick, West Prussia

Franz Singer is born on February 8 in Vienna

Iwan Koudriachov is born in Russia

Pavel Mansouroff is born in St. Petersburg, Russia
  Joseph Stella arrives in New York from Italy  
1897 August Brauneck is born on September 27 in Krefeld, Germany

Fred Forbat is born on March 31 in Pécs, Hungary

Etienne (Istvan) Béothy is born in Heves, Hungary

Victor Servranckx is born in Diegem, Belgium

Nikolaj Michajlovich Suetin is born in Kaluga, Russia
  Maurer leaves to study in Europe

Eve Peri is born in Bangor, Maine
1898 André Heurtaux is born in Paris, France

Alfred Arndt is born on November 26 in Elbing, West Prussia

Heinz Borchers is born on May 4 in Bremen, Germany

Erich Brendel is born on July 6 in Bad Kösen, Thüringen, Germany

Friedrich Karl Engemann is born on May 13 in Meuselwitz, Germany

Peter Keler is born on December 2 in Kiel, Germany

Ferdinand Kramer is born on January 22 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Katarzyna Kobro is born in Poland
  Alexander Calder is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

John McLaughlin is born in Sharon, Massachusetts

Charmion von Wiegand is born in Chicago, Illinois
1899 Fritz Glarner is born in Zurich, Switzerland

Jean Gorin is born in Saint-Emilien-de-Blain, Loire, France

Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart is born in Osnabrück, Germany

Anneliese Fleischmann (Anni Albers) is born on June 12 in Berlin, Germany

Alma Siedhoff-Buscher is born on November 4 in Creutzthal

Mart Stam is born on August 5 in Purmerend, The Netherlands

Vladimir Stenberg is born in Russia