MINUS SPACE’s chronology includes major events, exhibitions, and writings regarding the development of reductive art on the international level.

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1880 Josef Hartwig is born on March 13 in Munich

Alexandre Bogomazov is born in Yampol, Ukraine
  Arthur Dove is born on August 2 in Canandaigua, NY

Mark Tobey is born
1881 Mikhail Larionov is born on June 3 in Tiraspol, Moldova

Natalia Goncharova is born on June 16 in Negayevo, Tula, Russia

Adolf Meyer is born on June 17 in Mechernich, near Euskirchen

Fernand Léger is born on Feburary 4 in Argentan, France
  Albert Eugene Gallatin (A. E. Gallatin) is born in Villanova, Pennsylvania  
1882 Umberto Boccioni is born on October 19 in Reggio Calabria, Italy

Auguste Herbin is born on April 29 in Quiévy-la-Motte, France
1883 Gino Severini is born on April 7 in Cortona, Italy

Theo van Doesburg is born on August 30 in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Walter Gropius is born on May 17 in Berlin, Germany
1884 Wyndham Lewis is born on November 18 in Amherst, England

Alexandra Exter is born on Janaury 6 in Belostok, Russia (now Bialystok, Poland)

Vilmos Huszár is born on January 5 in Budapest, Hungary

Antoine Pevsner is born on January 18 in Oryol, Russia
1885 Robert Delaunay is born

Sonia Delaunay is born

Ludwig Hilberseimer is born on September 14 in Karlsruhe, Germany

Lilly Reich is born on June 16 in Berlin, Germany
1886 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is born on March 27 in Aachen, Germany

Eberhard Schrammen is born on November 11 in Cologne, Germany

Willem van Leusden is born on September 25 in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Olga Rozanova is born in Malenki, Vladimir province, Russia

Georges Vantongerloo is born on November 24 in Antwerp, Belgium
  Morgan Russell is born on January 25 in New York, NY  
1887 Marcel Duchamp is born on July 28 in Blainville, Normandy, France

Chris Beekman is born on May 26 in The Hague, The Netherlands

1888 Josef Albers is born on March 19 in Bottrop, Germany

Alberto Magnelli is born on July 1 in Florence, Italy

Johannes Itten is born on November 11 in Südern-Linden, Switzerland
1889 Hermann Glöckner is born on January 21 in Cotta, Germany

Willi Baumeister is born on January 22 in Stuttgart, Germany

Walter Determann is born on February 7 in Hannover, Germany

Rudolf Franz Hartogh is born on May 31 in Hamburg, Germany

Yury Annenkov is born on July 23 in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan

Laszló Peri is born in Budapest, Hungary

Ljubov Sergejevna Popowa is born in Moscow, Russia

Oscar Schlemmer is born in Stuttgart, Germany

Sophie Taeuber-Arp is born on January 19 in Davos, Switzerland