Harmonies in Color: Six Contemporary Perspectives, Louisiana Museum of Art & Sciences, Baton Rouge, LA

Gabriele Evertz, Six Grays + RYB, 2006, Acrylic on canvas, 96 x 108 inches
Gabriele Evertz, Six Grays + RYB, 2006 
Acrylic on canvas 
96 x 108 inches
Robert Swain, Untitled 6x6-3x23, 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 6 x 6 feet
Robert Swain, Untitled 6×6-3×23, 2018 
Acrylic on canvas 
6 x 6 feet
Sanford Wurmfeld, I-18 + B/2 (Dk-BG-Lt), 2018, Acrylic on canvas, 42 x 85 inches
Sanford Wurmfeld, I-18 + B/2 (Dk-BG-Lt), 2018 
Acrylic on canvas 
42 x 85 inches

Dear friends,

We’re delighted to announce gallery artists Gabriele Evertz, Robert Swain, and Sanford Wurmfeld’s participation in the terrific new exhibition Harmonies in Color: Six Contemporary Perspectives at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on view now through March 1, 2020.  We hope you have a chance to see it!

For further information about Gabriele Evertz, Robert Swain, and Sanford Wurmfeld, the exhibition, and available art works, please contact us here at the gallery

All our best,
Matthew & Rossana


Harmonies in Color: Six Contemporary Perspectives

August 24, 2019 – March 1, 2020

Louisiana Art & Science Museum
100 River Road South
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Color is fundamental to an understanding of our world and profoundly affects our daily lives. Although visible color constitutes only a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, it is complex and endlessly fascinating to artists and scientists alike. Harmonies in Color explores the perception of color and brings together the work of six renowned colorists: Gabriele Evertz, Irene Mamiye, Pard Morrison, Jen Pack, Robert Swain, and Sanford Wurmfeld. 

The exhibition includes paintings, photographs, sculptures, and “thread works,” and makes reference to major milestones in the scientific investigation of color, color themes and theories, and color as a subject in art. The artists featured in the exhibition work with different aesthetic media and are pursuing the investigation of color from different perspectives; but, all are united in their interest in the sensory experience of color.

Sound is an Invisible Color is a companion exhibition to Harmonies in Color and will feature the work of Christopher Janney on the second floor of the Main Galleries.