Kyle Jenkins in Paintingontopofitself, MOP, Sydney, Australia

Kyle Jenkins in Paintingontopofitself, MOP, Sydney, AustraliaInstallation View

March 4-29, 2015

Olivier Mosset (USA), Peter Holm (DK) and Kyle Jenkins (AUS), curated by Tarn McLean (AUS)

Tarn McLean’s research involves the investigation, application and transference of formal elements associated with paintings modernist discourse to locate contemporary painting practice as a non-static undertaking. The canvas retains an interior focus of inquiry while becoming a working space from which conceptual intentions are expanded into architectectonic debates. Through the curated installation McLean combines three generations of seminal artists’ work within the field, including Olivier Mosset, Peter Holm and Kyle Jenkins. The exhibition integrates lateral modes of thinking which in turn allow spaces to collapse and expand towards cross-disciplinary fields and plains into a realm of conceptual, physical and visual possibilities.

Tarn McLean is a Queensland based artist currently undertaking a PhD exploring the development of painting from the 1960’s to now, identifying it’s expansion from canvas support to the design of space and architecture. Olivier Mosset is a Swiss/American painter, sculptor and installation artist who since the 1960’s has developed a body of work that represents his ‘interest in other peoples work and painting in general’. Peter Holm is a Danish artist working with painting in the extended field, extracting qualities from multiple disciplines such as architecture, design and classical painting. Kyle Jenkins is a Queensland based artist whose cross-disciplinary practice expands from reductive painting into a variegated discourse including sculpture, drawing and music as well as photography and wall painting.