Vincent Como & Mark Dagley in Triangles, Ventana244, Brooklyn, NY

Vincent Como & Mark Dagley in Triangles, Ventana244, Brooklyn, NY

Installation View

December 5-21, 2014

The art exhibition “Triangles” features seventeen contemporary artists and their different approaches on the subject of the triangular shape and is curated by Brooklyn based abstract artist and curator Melissa Staiger. The exhibition continues the conversation of this geometric symbol where artists such as Sonia Delaunay, Wassily Kandinsky and Blinky Palermo have left off.

The opening reception is open to the public and takes place on Friday, December 5th from 6-9PM. In addition, triangular performances by artists Maria Hupfield and Rossana Martinez will be performed on Friday, December 12th, from 6-9PM.

Featured artists in “Triangles” are Peter Acheson, Liz Ainsile, Vincent Como, Jon Cowan, Glen Cunningham, Mark Dagley, DeShawn Dumas, Elizabeth Hazan, Maria Hupfield, Osamu Kobayashi, Janet Kurnatowski, Ben LaRocco, Rossana Martinez, Brooke Moyse, Jason Rohlf, Li Trincere and Julie Weitz.

Their work incorporates triangles through various paint layers, through the lens, sown and performed. Kandinsky once stated: “Who knows, maybe all our ‘abstract’ forms are ‘forms in nature’.” As science and consciousness are expanding, the triangular shape presents itself as a meaningful symbol. It serves as a building block of life in the tiniest particles of our universe, and many cultures have been using it as a powerful symbol for thousands of years. The “Triangles” exhibition provides a contemporary interpretation and integration of the form.

A catalogue with the artists work and additional essays by other renowned artists will be available on in a printed an electronic version (special introductory pricing during the exhibition).

Melissa Staiger is a New York City based artist and curator who has been painting triangles for years. As a curator, she had a clear vision: “I wanted to create a show that crowns the triangle as a common theme through the layers of all the various works ”. Staiger was born in 1978 and received a Masters in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in 2003, for more details visit:

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