Sonic Network No. 9, White Box, New York, NY

Work by John Aslanidis

April 4-29, 2012

White Box is pleased to present the collaborative project between John Aslanidis and Berlin-based sound artist, Brian May: Sonic Network no.9. Akin to their first collaboration in 2006, May has composed a generative sound piece to be played for the duration of the exhibition in conjunction with Aslanidis’ painting, Sonic Network no.9.

Each of the four panels that comprise Sonic Network no.9 contains a grid relative to a set of mathematical intervals that Aslanidis uses to create a drawing of compositional intervals, similar to a musical score. May has written an algorithm—using a programming language for sound synthesis, called “SuperCollider”—that determines the characteristics and timing of the sound in relation to the intervals. Taking into consideration the structure and composition of the painting, May emulates the mechanisms of painting by responding to the moiré (wave-like) patterns, which are demonstrated via audio interference of the sine waves (known as beat frequencies) in the sound piece. The sine wave tones created are thus audio representations of the circular forms, geometric shapes, and reverberating patterns inherent within Aslanidis’ piece.

Consequently, the interaction between the sound piece, the painting, and the observer is always different, as the painting perpetually shifts upon being viewed and the sound piece mirrors this, creating sounds which correspond to colors emanating from the painting. Order and chaos is present in both the sound piece and the painting, the resulting effect being one of synergy between analogue and digital mediums