Grid List, Center Galleries, College for Creative Arts, Detroit, MI

Paul Corio, Toga Tiger, 2009
Acrylic on canvas
60 x 60 inches

January 27 – March 3, 2012

Artists included: Patrick Morrissey, Hanz Hancock, Mick Frangou, 
Francis Farmer, William Hughes, Paul Corio, 
Karen Schifano, 
Mark Sengbusch, 
Jeffrey Mathews, Nate Ethier, 
Allie Rex, David E. Peterson, 
Joseph Bernard, 
Stacy Fisher, Tracy Thomason, 
Ian Swanson, Linda Francis.

The grid is the mother of all things terrestrial – birthed from outer space.
Gravity = Vertical. Land = Horizontal.
The two combined form a right angle. Multiply to form a grid.
This natural geometry existed billions of years before man.
Man stands upright in defiance of gravity, though is grounded by it.
He realized the equation “vertical + horizontal equals a right angle”
and applied it to everything from architecture to fashion.

Grid List presents 16 artists, 13 working in geometric abstraction, and three working quite “gridless” (Can the grid be active behind the image?). Their conceptual fodder ranges from sports, math, science, film, graphic design and video games.

The grid has been passed down from early man: from cave walls to stone tablets to Papyrus – from agriculture, architecture and weaving to the roadways and computers of today. We feel it directly as well, gravity still drops a vertical line – rain, apples and basketballs all fall to meet the horizontal land. The right angle is alive and well today as it was at the earth’s birth.

The artist draws from the imbedded and inherent grid.